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December 17, 2013

Alderman Reilly: Give Cops New Tools to Combat Illegal Motorcycle NoiseMotorcycleNoise

Alderman Reilly introduced an ordinance at last Wednesday's City Council meeting that would help the Chicago Police Department address a major quality of life issue that impacts downtown residents and communities along the Lakefront: motorcycle noise.


Unfortunately, many motorcyclists alter their mufflers to be much louder than legal decibel levels, which contributes to noise pollution throughout Chicago, especially in downtown Chicago's skyscraper canyons. Altered mufflers can pose a serious detriment to the quality of life for anyone who lives along the Lakefront; they have been illegal for many years and constitute a violation of Chicago's Municipal Ordinance.


During the warm weather months, Alderman Reilly receives hundreds of complaints from downtown residents who report dozens of motorcycles at a time with altered mufflers drag racing on downtown arterial streets and along Lake Shore Drive. In other cases, groups of 25-30 motorcycles will congregate in one location to rev their engines.


Unfortunately, current Municipal Ordinance limits the Chicago Police Department's efforts in enforcing the motorcycle noise regulations - as it requires coordination and cooperation with the Illinois State Police to issue citations.


Alderman Reilly's proposed amendment would allow the Chicago Police Department to more easily enforce the law with a simple visual inspection of the muffler. In addition to improving the CPD's ability to enforce the ordinance, the amendment would increase the fines for operating a motorcycle without a muffler from $100 to $1,000 per incident.


The Alderman looks forward to continuing his partnership with the 1st and 18th Police District to crackdown on illegal motorcycle noise and help preserve the quality of life for residents in downtown Chicago's 42nd Ward and neighborhoods along the Lakefront.


Please continue to monitor Reilly Reports for an update on the legislative schedule planned to consider this ordinance for approval.

Click here to download the ordinance.

COFAReilly Co-Sponsors the Creation of New Fiscal Accountability Office   


On Wednesday, the City Council passed an ordinance co-sponsored by Alderman Reilly which will establish the first-ever "City Council Office of Financial Analysis " or (COFA).


Since 2007, Alderman Reilly has been advocating for the creation of an independent, professionally run office that provides comprehensive financial analysis and reports directly to members of the Chicago City Council.


Alderman Reilly believes that, for far too long, the City Council has had to rely solely upon the Mayor's Budget Office for any information related to proposed budgets, asset leases and major city contracts. As a result, it has been very difficult for aldermen to fully analyze the Mayor's budget proposals, consider the broader impacts of the decisions they are making and cast well informed votes on these important city budgets.


The recently-approved Council Office of Financial Analysis (COFA) will be responsible for providing members of the Chicago City Council with an independent financial analysis of the Mayor's proposed annual budget, potential cost saving measures and efficiencies, and a review of all proposed private-partnership agreements or asset leases. The Office will be an important resource to provide other analyses at the request of members of the Chicago City Council.


As Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Budget and Government Operations, Alderman Reilly is a strong supporter of this ordinance because he knows it will help ensure a more intelligent, productive debate regarding the City of Chicago's finances. The COFA will provide the City Council with critical insight regarding the Budget and initiatives like public/private partnerships or asset leases that directly impact the City's bottom line.


Alderman Reilly believes that the creation of the COFA is long overdue and looks forward to the important independent analysis of major items to be considered by the City Council in 2014. Chicago now becomes the fourth major U.S. city to establish an independent budget office to advise the City Council. The Office will provide a valuable service to members of the City Council and will help benefit all Chicago taxpayers.


Click here to download the ordinance. Click here for recent news.

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DownzonesAlderman Reilly Proposes Downzones for Two Gold Coast Properties 

The Cedar Hotel (1112-18 North State Street)


At the December 11th City Council meeting, Alderman Reilly introduced a zoning reclassification of the former Cedar Hotel located at 1112 North State Street to reduce the density from its current DX-7 downtown mixed-use district to a DX-5 downtown mixed-use district.


For the past 7 years, Alderman Reilly has been working to ensure a responsible redevelopment of the Cedar Hotel that not only protects the historic fa´┐Żade but also incorporates the orange-rated historic structure into any future redevelopment of the site.


Prior to its DX-7 classification, the former Cedar Hotel property was zoned Planned Development (PD) No. 1061. In conjunction with the impending expiration of that planned development, Alderman Reilly sunset the PD in July 2010, restoring the site to its original lower-density classification of "DX-7".


The Alderman's 2010 action closed the door on a controversial plan (approved by the previous alderman) that would have permitted a 250' tower to be built atop the existing Cedar Hotel. The proposed site would have supported a 20-story hotel with 220 hotel keys, no parking and a busy loading zone in the State Street intersection.


Alderman Reilly sunset the hotel tower proposal in 2010 because the addition of 220 hotel keys at this location was too intense a use for the site's existing infrastructure. Already a challenging intersection congested to the point of failure, neighborhood residents, too overwhelmingly opposed the hotel proposal citing the same concerns related to hotel loading, traffic and the pre-existing conflicts between cars and pedestrians.


When the new owners of the Cedar Hotel recently asserted they had no legal obligations to preserve the historic terra cotta facade and planned to revive the hotel tower proposal (now within the current DX-7 zoning classification), Alderman Reilly believed he had no choice other than introduce an ordinance to downzone the property to a DX-5, forcing a conversation to revisit the planned development process and its neighborhood protections.


Alderman Reilly's proposed zoning change will reduce the maximum building height/density threshold from 180 feet (in a DX-7) to 150 feet (in a DX-5) for non-residential buildings. Any taller proposal will be forced into a planned development. For residential proposals, the maximum building height/density threshold is reduced down to 130 feet (in a DX-5) from the existing 155 feet (in a DX-7). Again, any building proposal taller than those maximums will be routed through the planned development process.


The downzone ordinance was designed to protect neighborhood residents from a potentially irresponsible high-rise development which could include a hotel development with an intense use at a location with unique and significant infrastructure and traffic limitations. The Alderman believes that neighbors would be negatively impacted if a large boutique hotel is built under existing development rights, without first negotiating a planned development to govern the proposed use, density, programming and site circulation.


Click on the following links to download the zoning reclassification ordinance for 1112-1118 N State and past Reilly Reports about the Cedar Hotel.

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The Village Theater (1546-56 North Clark Street)


At the December 11th City Council Meeting, Alderman Reilly also introduced a zoning ordinance that would reclassify the Village Theater property at 1546-56 North Clark Street from its current "B3-5" classification to a lower "B3-3" classification.


This block is home to two significant historic structures which Alderman Reilly helped protect for future generations by proactively securing Chicago Landmark status: the Germania Club and the Village Theater. Over the past several years, the Alderman has rejected several high-density/high-rise proposals for this site in order to protect the historic context of the block, protect existing traffic maintenance measures and where possible, improve public safety conditions related to the Latin School and other anchor businesses along Clark Street.


Recently, Alderman Reilly learned there is a proposal to construct an 11-story, 120-unit residential building on the southwest corner of Clark Street and North Avenue, incorporating the non-landmarked, rear portion of the Village Theater.


Given the scope and density of the proposal, the potential negative traffic impacts resulting from the project and its close proximity to two Chicago landmarks, Alderman Reilly introduced this reclassification to limit development rights on the property until neighborhood residents, stakeholders and the broader landmark preservation community has a chance to understand the proposal and provide feedback.


Alderman Reilly's proposed zoning change will reduce the maximum building height/density threshold from 70 feet (in a B3-5) down to 65 feet (B3-3) for a project which includes ground floor commercial space. Or for a proposal that does not include ground floor commercial space, the height would be further reduced from 65 feet (B3-5) to only 60 feet (in a B3-3). This move would eliminate the Developer's ability to build a high-rise outside of a full public community process - giving your alderman more leverage to negotiate a responsible planned development for the site.


Click on the following link to download the zoning reclassification ordinance for 1546-1556 N Clark and past Reilly Reports about the Village Theater.

RefuseRebateCondominium Refuse Rebate Program


*** The following information is intended for Condominium Property Managers and Condominium Board Members regarding the annual Condominium Refuse Rebate application. One application per Condominium Association shall be submitted by the Property Management Company or Condominium Association. ***





You must return all completed 2013 refuse rebate applications to Alderman Reilly's City Hall office no later than JANUARY 15, 2014, or your application may be denied.




Application forms and additional information are available at the Committee on Finance website.   Submit completed applications to Alderman Reilly's City Hall Office, located at 121 N. LaSalle Street, Room 200 no later than January 15, 2014, or your application may be denied.  


Please ensure that completed applications are sent via a method that provides a "delivery confirmation" receipt.


If you have any questions about the Refuse Rebate program, please contact the Committee on Finance at (312) 744-3332 or Alderman Reilly's City Hall Office at 312-744-3062 or via email at  [email protected].


Please note: Applications submitted after January 15, 2014 may be ineligible for the 2013 rebate and all subsequent years.

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FiftyWardsInterviewSegmentAlderman Reilly Interview on Politics Tonight

Last week, Alderman Reilly appeared as a guest on Politics Tonight, a talk show hosted by WGN Political Analyst Paul Lisnek.  

A video of the interview will be posted on the CLTV website soon. 

This interview was conducted as part of CLTV's "50 Ward in 50 Days" program.  To view past interview with other members of the City Council, please visit

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SustainableChicagoSustainable Chicago 2015 Action Agenda - Year One Progress Report

Significant progress has been made in the first year of the Sustainable Chicago 2015 Action Agenda. In September 2012, the City of Chicago set 24 goals across seven sustainability categories including: economic development and job creation; energy efficiency and clean energy; transportation options; water and wastewater; parks, open spaces, and healthy food; waste and recycling; and climate change. Since that time, the City has marked several key accomplishments and one third of goals are delivering ahead of schedule. Chicago continues to grow through sustainability research and innovation.


Building on Chicago's legacy of planning, action, and leadership on climate and environmental issues, the Sustainable Chicago 2015 Action Agenda offers a concrete roadmap for the City and its residents to make Chicago an even more prosperous, healthy, and vibrant place to live and work. All advancements are currently on track to make significant advances to save taxpayer dollars, pollution reduction and climate change.


The first year progress report identifies specific areas where Chicago residents, families and communities can drive the impact of the City's sustainability goals. The Year One Progress Report is available for download here


Resident engagement is absolutely essential if Chicago is to achieve its ambitious sustainability aspirations. The City welcomes questions, feedback and success stories related to Sustainable Chicago 2015 by email to [email protected].

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DivvySuggest Locations for New Divvy Stations


The Chicago Department of Transportation thanks Alderman Reilly for his input and assistance in helping launch the successful Divvy Bike Share System with 300 stations. Among those 300 stations, there are 44 stations in the current 42nd Ward, and 45 stations within the future (2015) ward boundaries.


Divvy, Chicago's bike-share system, launched a new website to solicit suggestions and feedback from Chicagoans on the locations for the 175 new Divvy stations scheduled to be added to the system in 2014.


On the website, Chicagoans can make suggestions for locations and provide feedback on site suggestions others have made.


There are currently 300 Divvy stations located across Chicago, and funding has been secured to add 175 more in neighborhoods across Chicago next year. At 475 stations, Chicago would have the largest number of bike share stations than any other city in North America.


Chicagoans can find out more about the system at or through social media on Twitter at @DivvyBikes and on Facebook at


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CPDeventsChicago Police Department Notices

Court Advocacy Volunteers Needed

Court advocacy is a way to show support for victims and solidarity against crime in your community.  The presence of Court Advocates in the courtroom sends a strong message to the defendant, the judge and all other interested parties in the criminal justice system that the community cares about the outcome of these cases and is willing to devote its time and energy to monitor the workings of the judicial system. Volunteer to work with other community members in tracking court cases and attending judicial hearings.

  • Aggravated Battery and Resisting Peace Officer - 300 N LaSalle. The offender was arrested on December 3, 2013 for three counts of aggravated battery to police and fire personnel and one count of resisting a peace officer at 7:30pm on the 300 block of north LaSalle.
    If you are interested in volunteering for Court Advocacy on this case, please contact the 18th District Community Policing Office at 312-742-5778. 
  • Criminal Trespass and Possession of Burglary Tools - 30 E Delaware.  The offender was arrested on December 10, 2013 at 10:30am for criminal trespass to land and possession of burglary tools. The subject is a chronic offender and court advocates are needed in this case.
    The offender will appear in court on January 13, 2014 in Branch 29-2 at 9:30am, 2452 W. Belmont.

If you are interested in volunteering for court advocacy in this case, contact the 18th District Community Policing Office at 312-742-5778.


Don't Become A Victim 

Robbers want one thing - your money or property. But there are some steps you can take to help prevent becoming a victim. Click here for more information.  


Theft from Auto Prevention Tips 

One of the most common types of theft is theft of valuables from your automobile - especially during the holiday season. Theft from auto is primarily a crime of opportunity that can often be prevented. Thieves generally won't waste their time breaking into autos that don't have valuables in plain sight


The best way to prevent theft from your auto is to always keep valuables out of sight. For more prevention tips, click here.


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RTAmeetingsRTA Reduced Fare / Ride Public Informational Meetings

The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is partnering with the CTA to host six public meetings about the Ventra fare payment transition. Seniors and people with disabilities with Reduced Fare, Ride Free and ADA permits are invited to:

  • Learn how to activate and use your new Ventra card
  • Get assistance if you did not receive a card or the correct card
  • Transfer a fare balance to your new Ventra card
  • Update your customer information

Ventra representatives will be on-site to help with balance transfers and to provide general assistance and education. Ventra Transition Public Meeting Dates:

  • Chicago West - Wednesday, December 18, 12:00pm
    Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities - Rooms 1&2, 2102 W. Ogden
  • Chicago Central - Thursday, December 19, 4:00 pm
    RTA, Board Room- 16th floor, 175 W. Jackson
  • Chicago Southwest - Friday, December 20, 11:00am
    Southwest Regional Center - Rooms 2&3, 6117 S. Kedzie   

All meeting sites are ADA accessible. If you have questions, please call 312-913-3153.            

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CreativeExpo2014Creative Chicago Expo 2014 - Call for Workshop Proposals and Vendors

The 11th annual Creative Chicago Expo will take place on Friday March 14 and Saturday March 15, 2014, from 10-4pm, at the Chicago Cultural Center.


The Expo connects thousands of creative individuals, businesses and organizations with local and national tools and resources to strengthen their enterprise. Last year over 7,500 attended this free event.


Vendors and Workshop / Info Session Proposals are sought. The deadline for Proposals and Vendor Applications is January 2, 2014.


Apply online to submit a proposal for the 2014 Creative Chicago Expo Workshops and Info Sessions and to register to be an Expo Vendor.


EVrebatesDeadline Extended for Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Rebate Program

The Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity (DCEO) provides incentives for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. The EV Infrastructure Rebate Program Deadline has been extended to April 17, 2014. The application packet is available for download on the program website:

Eligible applicants for this rebate program include units of government, businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, and individual residents. Stations that were purchased and installed after September 4, 2012 and meet all technical requirements will be eligible to receive a rebate. Rebates cover 50% of equipment and installation (materials and labor) costs up to specific caps.

The maximum possible total rebate award is $49,000 or 50% of the total project cost for up to 15 stations, whichever is less. Program guidelines provide additional details on technical requirements.

EV charging stations must be purchased and installed prior to submitting a rebate application. Rebate applications must be submitted before 4:30pm on Thursday, April 17, 2014. Completed applications will be processed on a rolling basis.


To learn more about this program and download an application packet, please click here


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TaxiNominationsTaxi Driver Excellence Award Nominations Now Being Accepted 

The Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) is looking for the 2013 Taxicab Driver Excellence Award winner. The winner will be awarded a taxicab medallion.

The nomination period is underway and ends December 31, 2013 at 3pm. Nomination forms are available at


To be eligible, taxicab drivers must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements to be considered for the Taxicab Driver Excellence Award:

  • Nominees must hold a valid City of Chicago Public Chauffeur license.
  • Nominees must be in compliance with all City laws.
  • Nominees must have been driving a Chicago licensed taxicab for at least three consecutive years prior to nomination.
  • Nominees must have been driving a Chicago licensed wheelchair accessible vehicle taxicab for at least 250 days within the last 12 consecutive months servicing passengers using wheelchairs at least two times for every twelve hour shift worked.
  • Nominees may not nominate themselves or be nominated by a family member, medallion licensee, affiliations or medallion license manager.

For more information about the City of Chicago Taxicab Driver Excellence Award, email [email protected] or call 312-746-4300.   


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StreetClosuresStreet Closures and Construction Updates

East Erie Street (from North St. Clair St. to North Fairbanks Ct.)

Date and Time:  From January 6 to approximately May 1

Traffic Impact:  The street will be completely closed to allow for Nothwestern Memorial Health to construct an underground bridge. 


42nd Ward Construction Updates  

To read the most recent construction updates for current development projects in the 42nd Ward, please visit the "Major Projects" page on Alderman's Reilly website.


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upcomingcapsYour Upcoming CAPS Meetings

CAPS meetings offer city residents an opportunity to address crime and safety issues directly with the beat officers who patrol their neighborhood, as well as to provide ongoing feedback, which help the police to monitor crime issues.

No CAPS meetings are scheduled this week in the 42nd Ward.

If you would like further information regarding upcoming CAPS meetings, please call your Police District's CAPS office.

1st District: 312-745-4381
12th District: 312-746-8306
18th District: 312-742-5778

To find your district and beat, please click here .

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ward42website42nd Ward Website

The 42nd Ward website is designed to help local residents, businesses and community groups find quick answers to questions about city services and programs. On this site you'll find links to the most requested city services and other useful resources located within downtown Chicago's 42nd Ward. Please visit the Alderman Reilly's "virtual office" at

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Alderman Reilly: Give Cops New Tools to Combat Illegal Motorcycle Noise


  Reilly Co-Sponsors the Creation of New Fiscal Accountability Office


Alderman Reilly Proposes Downzones for Two Gold Coast Properties   

Alderman Reilly Interview on Politics Tonight

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Sustainable Chicago 2015 Action Agenda - Year One Progress Report


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Creative Chicago Expo 2014 - Call for Workshop Proposals and Vendors


Deadline Extended for Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Rebate Program 


Taxi Driver Excellence Award Nominations Now Being Accepted  

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