January 22, 2021
46 Starts His Term

President Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States with his Vice President Kamala Harris. History was made as Vice President Harris became the first female, Black and Asian individual to be inaugurated. Many of President Biden’s cabinet nominees are in the process of being confirmed.

In his first two days in office, President Biden signed a variety of executive orders. Wednesday’s orders included extending the COVID-19 federal student loan forbearance, the U.S.’ rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and more.

Thursday’s orders focused on COVID-19. They included a mask mandate on federal property, requiring masks on much of public transportation, and continued research into COVID-19 treatments and therapeutics.

President Biden is expected to sign additional executive orders regarding labor and employment today
COVID-19 Related News

The C-UPHD continues to offer COVID-19 vaccination clinics for seniors. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci announces that new data shows COVID-19 vaccines may be less effective against new strains. 

Early evidence suggests that the UK variant may be more deadly than other variants.

Japan and the IOC stand firm on their commitment to host the Olympics

All Illinois regions are out of Tier 3 mitigations as Region 4 moves to Tier 2. 

Midwest governors encourage residents to plan for vaccinations. 

In Other News

FSLA regulations for tipped employees change in February 2021 with a new rule change.

Champaign Unit 4 School District announces their new superintendent Sheila Boozer.

University of Illinois trustees approve Bielema's six-year deal and a tuition freeze for the upcoming school year. 

The U.S. Senate will receive articles of impeachment on Monday. 

Illinois House Speaker Welch announces his leadership team

Russia welcomes the U.S. proposal to extend their nuclear treaty
Bids and RFPs

City of Champaign- None at this time.
City of Urbana- Request for Quotes: Postcard Mailing to Residents, Request for Proposal: Grant Writing Services for SAFER Grant, Invitation to Bid: Philo Rd. and Boneyard Crossing Maintenance
Champaign County- None at this time.
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