Answers to FAQs

Thanks to the over 400 of you who have registered for the WCC Town Hall this Monday, Nov. 6th at 8p.

If you haven't already, you can register at this link:

As you know, the WCC is a volunteer organization made up of many of your neighbors, friends and family who are all committed to inclusion and upholding the standard of an over a 100 year organization.

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions that if you can help us spread the word, it would be appreciated.

Why Virtual?

The meeting is happening virtually to register as many residents as possible in an inclusive, safe environment. We currently have over 463 registered to attend which shows higher engagement than previous years and we're grateful for the response. We previously had done an open survey to the community and 2 to 1 responded that they'd be most likely to attend if online.

When is the Deadline to Register?

The highly encouraged deadline to register is end of the day Friday, Nov. 3rd. We're doing this to double check addresses and ages of attendees over the weekend. If for some reason you can't meet this deadline, we will of course do our best to meet your need. You can reach out to with concerns.

Who Can Vote?

Residents of Winnetka (a proven address) that are 18 years or older will be able to vote. While all voting is anonymous, to encourage civility and transparency we do highly encourage attendees to turn their cameras on or at the very least have their name listed on their Zoom profile. If there is no way to identify you on Zoom on the night of the vote, we obviously won't be able to count your vote. Again, if you are having issues, you can email

What is the Agenda?

On the agenda for Monday is a vote on an amendment to a Parks platform and also a vote on Village Council candidates. We will share a more detailed agenda on the day of the event to registered attendees. Our goal is to have the meeting last 90 minutes as we regularly hear that some neighbors struggle to be a part of the process if meetings go too long.

Thanks again for your time. We are lucky to live in a village with so much community engagment and residents who care so deeply.

About the Winnetka Caucus Council (WCC)
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