City Budget Proposal 2022

On Monday, Mayor Lightfoot introduced the 2022 budget proposal. Read the budget proposal and find more information at the links below:

Over the next two weeks, City Council will hold daily hearings with all city departments to discuss the 2022 budget proposal and question department leaders about city services. The hearings will be streamed live on the City Clerk's website, Hearings will begin at 9 a.m. each day and typically last until 5 p.m. or later. Next week's hearing calendar is below, and you can view the full calendar on Legistar.

Monday 9/27
  • City Clerk
  • City Treasurer
  • License Appeal Commission
  • Department of Family and Support Services

Tuesday 9/28
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Board of Election Commissioners
  • Department of Human Resources

Wednesday 9/29
  • Animal Care and Control
  • Department of Procurement
  • Department of Aviation

Thursday 9/30
  • Board of Ethics
  • Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events
  • Civilian Office of Police Accountability
  • Department of Public Health

Friday 10/1
  • Office of Emergency Management and Communication
  • Department of Water Management
  • Department of Assets, Information and Services