June 8, 2021
Dear Northland Families,

I sent an email last week to remind you of the incredible opportunity you have to triple your impact on Northland this summer. We still have two days remaining to meet our 2-for-1 match challenge, and we only need $2,500 to make the match.
You may have noticed that some areas of campus need our attention. We are already kicking off our projects by signing a contract to clean, seal, and paint Building 7, so that the outside of the building reflects the wonderful things that are happening on the inside. This is just one of the many projects that we’re planning to complete before August.

Please consider contributing any amount that you can to help Northland close the gap, meet this match, and accomplish our goals for the summer. If you can't give in the next 48 hours, a gift pledge would count toward the match. If we all join together, we can ensure that no money gets left on the table.

We look forward to showing you an “after” photo of Building 7 and sharing the news of other successful projects completed.

Thank you for your ongoing trust and support. We are so grateful that you are part of the Northland family.

Enjoy your summer!

David Pruett
Head of School