Earn Your 2019 Nutrition Incentive ($50) while Improving Your Numbers and Sculpting Your Beach Body
Do You Have What It Takes to Complete:

The ESHCA 49-Day Nutrition Challenge

January 14th - March 2nd
(please register by January 4th)
Learn and Apply the 7 Principles of Eating Clean

Take control of your health & wellness: 
Weight Loss
Weight Gain
Improve Your Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure
Improve Work Performance or Sport Performance
Just Simply Feel Better and Healthier
The final registration date is January 4, 2019 - all materials will be sent that day, giving you the week of January 7th to plan and prepare so you can "hit the ground running" on January 14th.
Note: friends and family are welcome to participate but only the member and/or member-spouse is eligible for the $50 incentive.

In order to receive the $50 incentive for this program you will need to complete the following:

  1. Watch a 60-minute presentation on your computer - can be stopped and started and done at your leisure over several days if necessary.
  2. Submit (usually done by email) 1 food log each week (6 total)

Please e-mail or call me to register:

Patrick Flaherty MSE, CSCS