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Group Mentoring Program Completes Another Successful School Year 

By  Hazel Cameron, Executive Director, The 4C Coalition

For the last six months, 4C mentors and mentees met once a week at the Yesler Community Center in Seattle's Central District.

The mentoring program is designed to inspire critical thinking and help students develop life skills. Each session utilizes a mentoring curriculum that includes history, social studies and civics. We're focused on helping youth make good decisions.

For the second year, University of Washington football and baseball players, along with concerned community leaders, participated in the program as volunteer mentors. All volunteer mentors completed our mentor training program.

In one of the last meetings, Huskies lineman, Ricky McCoy led a discussion on using social media. He emphasized the importance of being mindful of what you put out on social media... "Your online profile follows you everywhere you go ... and when you are applying for college or a job, your online life will be examined."

The University of Washington student-athletes left a big impression with our kids. Our 12 to 17-year-old mentees were inspired. Feedback from parents was positive. Many of them reported distinct behavior changes in their children after completing the six-month program.

The group mentoring project has been adopted as part of the University of Washington Community Ambassador Program. The Student Mentor Program has been added to the curriculum. 

A Special Thank You to our Incredible Volunteer Mentors

By  Hazel Cameron

I want to thank all our wonderful mentors for your dedication and hard work. Because of you 4C's Denny International Group Mentoring and Yesler Community Center Group Mentoring were a great success. 

Thank you so much for your commitment of time and energy to this important project.


Here's an Update from Mentor Jeff Reed 

"We  have completed 43.5 hours volunteering this half of the year. 

My mentee, Jonathan, continues to make progress in his life, but he is anxious to get things moving faster. He is now living in transitional housing with the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation in Ballard. He is doing pretty well with it.  He has completed work training at Walgreen's  and is working with various job coaches trying to land a job now. 

We have had a good time this year, continuing our regular get together for dinner and occasionally adding a movie in the mix. Hard to believe he celebrated his 19th birthday in May."

Note: Jeffery Reed is one the most outstanding mentors ever. He is an unflagging supporter of the 4C mentoring program.

Group Mentoring Photo Highlights
Photos by Rebecca Sullivan



Meet a Mentee

Marvin has been in the 4C Coalition's Group Mentoring program at Yesler Community Center for two years.

1. What school do you attend? 

"Washington Middle School."
2. What chores or work do you do?  

"Last summer I had a summer youth employment job working at the YMCA. I do chores around the house like keeping my room clean, taking the garbage out and checking the mail."
3. Tell me something about your family.   

"I live with my mother full time but I spend the summer and holidays with my father. My father lives out of town, so I'm always excited to take the airplane. 

I have a little brother and big sister who live with my dad. My father was athletic like I am so it's fun playing basketball with him. 

This summer my mother Is taking me to Washington DC to visit the African American Museum."
4. What challenges do you have?  

"Not talking in class, making to class on time and making better choices."
5. Who are the important people in your life?  

"My family is very important to me in my life, especially my mother because I know how hard she works to provide for me."
6. How did 4C come in to your life?  

"I was always getting into trouble at school and my school counselor thought it will be good for me to join a mentoring program."
7. Tell me about group mentor meetings ... The good and the bad.  

"I like the mentors, I like the food they bring and I like having someone to talk to and understand me better besides my mom."
8. Anything else you want to tell me?  

"I would like to go on a camping trip with boys and the mentors to create some type of brotherhood."


Meet a Parent
Marvin's Mother

1. How did 4C come into your life?

"I was referred to 4C by my son's sixth grade counselor. Marvin's sixth grade year was a challenging year for him. 

The transition from elementary to middle school didn't go well, it took some time getting used to, but the support Marvin received from the mentoring program is starting to really turn things around."
2. Tell me. about group mentor meetings...The good and the bad.

"The group mentoring meetings is a great place if you need an outlet. We have group discussion of what is going on in the communities, and what kind of problems youth faces at school. We discuss goals, we discuss current events and how these affect us."
3. What did your child gain from the group mentor program?

"Marvin gain from this program Is knowledge, leadership roles, how to handle certain situations in the appropriate way, long term relationships, great advice and support."
4. Anything else you want to Tell me?
"I would like to give a special thanks to the UW Athletic Team, for showing the youth it's cool to get good grades and apply to college because it takes more than being good in sports. 

I really appreciate how they broke it down ... of how it's Important to have a plan B because there so many young kids out there that their only goal in life is to make It to the NBA or NFL, and sometimes that doesn't happen, so it is important to finish college so you have something to fall back on."

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