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Mentor programs are a win for our youth and our community!

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Mentoring Matters
"I told him to hang up his gloves ... and, he did."

At church, seven years ago, Gary Tillery, listened to a presentation about 4C's mentoring program. Gary, retired after 26 years as a supervisor at Boeing, decided he'd give mentoring a try.

He attended 4C's mentor training program. "The training program was very thorough as they went over the dos and don'ts of being a mentor," says Gary.
After the training, Gary waited two nerve-racking months before being assigned a mentee
Gary laughs when he says, "during the waiting period, I actually became very anxious about the commitment. I thought that maybe when they called me with a mentee, I just wouldn't answer the phone."

4C finally called to let Gary know that they had found a good mentee match for Gary. 

Tyler Perry Says ...

"What I've found about it is that there are some folks you can talk to until you're blue in the face--they're never going to get it and they're never going to change. 

But every once in a while, you'll run into someone who is eager to listen, eager to learn, and willing to try new things.Those are the people we need to reach. 

We have a responsibility as parents, older people, teachers, people in the neighborhood to recognize that." 

Supported by United Way of King County

For the second year in a row, 4C has been awarded $35,00 in funding from United Way. 

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