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June 12, 2019
4C for Children Receives CDA Gold Standard SM
Helping you take the best first step in your ECE career!        
The 4C CDA Team is excited to share that our Child Development Associate (CDA) Preparation Program has been awarded the prestigious CDA Gold Standard following a quality review of training and student services by the Council for Professional Recognition.

The CDA Gold Standard SM is part of the Council's early childhood education effort to help CDA (Child Development Associate) students find the high-quality training and student services they need in preparation for the CDA exam and a career as an early childhood educator. Learn more.
Meet the Keynote: Otis Williams          
4C Conference Saturday Keynote Speaker

Otis Williams will be the keynote speaker on Saturday morning at the 4C for Children Leadership and Early Childhood Conference. He is the founder and President/CEO of Otis Williams Limitless, a personal development firm that teaches people how to train their fear so they can live free and share their gifts with the world.

Otis is a highly sought award-winning speaker, facilitator, seminar leader, and personal growth coach. Otis has practiced-and proven-what he preaches. For over two decades, he has been educating, training, developing, and challenging people in the areas of motivation, change, leadership, and courage.

Learn more about Otis Williams and about our Friday keynote speaker, Dr. Deb Clary.

The 4C for Children Leadership and Early Childhood Conference, presented by Positive Leaps, will be held Oct. 25-26 at the Sharonville Convention Center. Visit www.4cconference.org for conference news and information.
How do you fill your own bucket?     
Resources on self-care for ECE providers         
Trauma and stress are prevalent in today's society. How humans cope with that trauma and stress may vary from one person to the next. This article from Psychology Today gives some ideas on how to incorporate self-care in your daily routine.

If you need more information about how to develop your own resilience, plan to attend a July 22 4C for Children training, "The Cost of Caring: Compassion Fatigue, Self-Care and Learning to Fill Your Own Bucket."

Engage senses, support fine and gross motor skill development, encourage physical activity and connect to nature by bringing your classroom learning outdoors. Build your outdoor classroom with the tools and guidance on Early Learning Resources Ohio  
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July 9: Moving Beyond Letter of the Week: Phonological Awareness

July 22: The Cost of Caring: Compassion fatigue, Self-Care and Learning to Fill Your Own Bucket
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June 30: End of PD biennium

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