October 2017
The Coming 1K/2K to 4K Upconversion Disconnect
As growing sales of 4K TVs begin to seep beyond early adopters to the wider market, upconverting complaints may become more common. After all, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reports that DVD players can still be found in 83% of U.S. homes. Compare that to 4K-friendly Blu-ray, which has only reached 35% of households. Consumers are having their 4K expectations exasperatingly dashed because they aren't getting much warning or advice about upconverting consequences. Learn more about the disconnect between manufacturers and consumers. 
UHD Blu-ray's Narrow Opportunity Window   
A lack of 4K content presents the Blu-ray community a narrow window of opportunity to establish itself in an otherwise broadcast/DVR and streaming-centric TV consuming universe. UHD Blu-ray, even with a relatively measly 300 titles, is the biggest 4K/UHD content game in town, and will be-but not for long. Find out why the Blu-ray community must convince consumers to re-commit to disc-based content. 
Will the Cord Cutters Come Back?
There's never been a better time to be a cord cutter. Yet at the same time, pay TV options have never been so fragmented. Cord cutters and cord shavers are forced to cobble together multiple apps, and in some cases, free-to-air TV offerings to get the content they want. The dream of a la carte TV is essentially here and, like many of life's hopes, it's not quite the liberating vision we've been promised. Find out why some are actually running back into the arms of cable TV. 
DTC: Not Your Typical Market Research Firm      
Most of our clients come to us when one-size-fits-all syndicated reports and data analysis don't meet their market intelligence needs. DTC excels in rolling up our sleeves and digging deep into technology products and services. This fine-tooth comb approach allows us to estimate market size for products that include a single technology, or building detailed cost analyses for digital TV systems. Here are some examples:
  • Estimating the shares of multiple versions of an audio technology imbedded in tens of millions of products
  • Estimating annual shipments and supplier market share for digital TVs with a specific tuner component
With unparalleled knowledge and experience in custom research methods, DTC can help you discover exactly what you need to know about your technology and how it fits into the wider market.
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