January 28, 2019 to February 3, 2019
Below is a quick recap from week three as your 4th District County Commissioner. You can follow me in real time on Facebook here
Wear your seatbelt and teach your children. Save a life.
Meeting this morning had my heart a little heavy. Watch the video here:

January 28, 2019
Community Service at Its Finest
The group you see here are volunteering their time to rehab the old building you see at Oak Park in Riverside.

This site began as a tent facility on the grounds in 1918. This TENT was a place to take care of at-risk infants. In 1920 the tent burned to the ground (no babies were harmed, thank goodness) and a permanent structure was built. For six years this structure was used as a "Fresh Air Baby Camp" and in 1926 the program was moved to the new Wesley Hospital. The building was then leased to the Girl Scout Council and for the next 75 years would be used as the Girl Scout Little House.

Fast forward to 2011, Friends of the Historic Fresh Air Baby Camp, Inc (FHFABC) formed and the work began.

The first picture you see below is the group who were working last Friday when I stopped by to take a peek. This group is there most Saturdays if you ever want to go check it out.
I continue to find these little hidden gems all over the place. I love it when they appear.

Full disclosure- most of this text above I pulled from their website. Please visit:  https://wichitaparksfoundation.org/fabc/   for more info and to see how you can donate or volunteer.

Above picture L-R : Connie Weaver, Kathy Morgan, Janice Bailey, Dick Galbraith, Claire Willenberg, Warren Willenberg 

January 28, 2019
2019 Photo of the under construction
Early photo of the Fresh Air Baby Camp
Happy Kansas Day!
Kansas Turned 158 this year! Happy Birthday Kansas! Let’s celebrate with my favorite Kansas song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH2w6Oxx0kQ&feature=youtu.be

January 29, 2019
Big vote happened regarding the Zoo!
Commissioners approved $6 million in funding over the next three years to replace the County-owned entryway and administrative building at the Sedgwick County Zoo. According to the Sedgwick County Zoological Society, the County funding will be combined with $9 million in privately raised funds to implement Phase 1 of the Zoo’s new 25-year Master Plan.

Unveiled at a news conference in October, the first phase of the new Master Plan includes a new entryway complex, administrative offices, gift shop, an expanded and enhanced Amur Leopard habitat, and an electric train for visitors for an estimated total $15 million.

“The Sedgwick County Zoo is a prime example of what we can achieve as a community when we work together,” Chairman David Dennis said. “We are today’s stewards of this strong partnership that over five decades has created an invaluable community asset that drives economic impact and continues to move our region forward.”

Planning calls for the grand opening of Phase 1 to be in time to commemorate the Zoo’s 50th Anniversary in 2021.
-Shared from Sedgwick County Government

January 30, 2019
Business to Check Out
The Cottage Market is one of the coolest places in Valley Center. Owned and operated by friends Amanda Maness and Taylor O’Neal, these two fun and friendly ladies have created a space you need to check out.

Stop by the Cottage Market for antiques and “uniques” of all kinds soon. You won’t be sorry!

Quick fact about the Cottage Market. The building used to be owned by Lucy Burtnett, Sedgwick County Commissioner for the 4 th District from 2005 – 2006. Her office was still there. She has since sold the building to Amanda and her husband. The building is soon to be named in honor of Amanda’s father in law! 

The business is located on Main Street in Valley Center. 

February 1, 2019
Weather Madness
This past weekend was amazing. Today, not so much. Spring cannot get here soon enough so I take full advantage of time outdoors on beautiful days. Creating outside on a beautiful Sunday afternoon is one of the ways I decompress. I make stuff. Art, music, furniture. Making old things new again is a hobby of mine. I use these opportunities to think about the week ahead. How do you prepare for your week ahead?

Preparation is key to production. 

Have a great week! 

February 3, 2019
Don’t forget: Board of County Commissioners meeting this Wednesday, Feb 6th. Few topics to be discussed: Wind and Solar Farms and Hiring Process for a County Manager. Join us for these discussions.

525 N. Main, Ste 320, Wichita, KS 67203