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Kelly Owen, ED
Hudson Mohawk AHEC
The federal and state funded Area Health Education Center recognizes the need to strengthen and develop the healthcare workforce in under- served communities. Working with students from middle school to high school, they explore individual opportunities as well as scholarships for those already in the profession.
Ron Kim
New Mayor Saratoga Springs
Ron Kim acknowledges his new position with humility and respect. His goal is to keep the city government open and transparent to the community. Some priorities for 2022 include police reform, homelessness and infrastructure. Mr. Kim plans to take advantage of the Build Back Better money to advocate for the city.
Jim Siplon
Warren County EDC

President & CEO, Jim Siplon knows that business and modern life cannot operate without broadband. The North Country Broad-band Alliance supersedes county boundaries to add momentum and facilitate access. Their goal is to get everyone connected and consolidate efforts to get the job done.
Chris Navitsky
Lake George Waterkeeper
The LG Waterkeeper is on the vanguard of protecting the impact of chloride in LG. They use the latest technology, GPS, mobile apps & weather monitoring systems to reduce salt application & corrosion for public and private land. The virtual 6th Salt Summit is available on the Association's website.
Michael Bittel
President & CEO
The ARCC understands the unique sense of community in the North Country. Their annual dinner acknowledges the pillars in our community that inspire and bring people together. Overriding the impact of the pandemic, employers, staff and customers worked to succeed because 'We Do It Together"
Cheryl Hage-Perez
Executive Director
Veterans Community & Housing Coalition
Addresses Vets' invisible wounds and pro- vides housing and support services for homeless male and female veterans to help them live a productive life. The org is currently raising funds to provide housing for female vets and their children, known as Foreverly House.
Mangino Buick GMC
Barbara Todd's
'Parallel Play'
Lake George Arts Project
STOP 22 Walk
ARCC Veterans Business Network
Maddie Csont
Special Olympics NY
Athletic Leadership Council
Wellspring Ribbon Cutting
Malta, NY
Yeachin Tsai
'Nature Songs'

'LOOK Who Cares'

Our first annual fundraising campaign gave us the support we need to continue our mission. Individual donations ranged from $50 - $1000.

Thank you to each of you who show you 'Care'.
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