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I'm honored to announce I will be speaking at a breakout session - hope to see you there!


I need volunteers for this great event!  If you're interested, please email me for more information. 







Winter Jam 2015 House Party 




                   WATCH THE VIDEO"Winter Jam 2015 House Party - The Journey Begins"








  • Church 4 Chicks private retreat October 9-12
  • Casting Crowns at First Baptist Church Woodstock - Friday, November 7th
  • AWAKEN 2014 Conference - Saturday, November 8th
  • Lead worship for special Emmaus service, Saturday, November 8th
  • LaCrae at the Tabernacle, Friday, November 21st 
  • Sunnyside Baptist Dinner - speaking & leading worship - Saturday, November 22nd
  • Chrysalis Retreat  - Jan 1-4, 2015


We are looking for ongoing prayer and provision partners.  Please pray about if and how God is calling you to participate in Alpha Omega Ministries.  I would love to hear from you at 

Walk in His love and His blessing! 



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