4th Quarter Highlights

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Ann Morgan

Executive Director

North Country Heart Healthy Network

The Network's mission is to educate, manage and reduce the number of people with chronic disease in the northern Adirondacks.

Heather O'Connor

Program Director

Center of Excellence

Alzheimer's Disease

The Center assesses dementia and provides diagnostic care & support for families and professionals through education.

Emmett Smith

Co-Founder & CEO

Northern Power & Light Inc.

Renewable energy is native to our area and the company offers power directly to residential users using a state program.

Turna Parker

District Super & CEO WSWHE BOCES

Feedback from the community provided direction for the strategic plan for BOCES. It intentionally creates structure to improve outcomes for students, the district and our workforce partners.

Erin Badcock



Founded in 1908, Hackercraft is a world record racing boat company renowned for innovative design & craftmanship. The history & legacy live on in our community and Lake George.

Jim Siplon


Warren County EDC

Imagine giving birth to new companies in our area that make use of the best practices & data from the Jefferson Project to improve environments worldwide. Jim's vision.

"Challenges Facing Youth"



Bruce Molsky & Allison de Groot, Don Julin & Alan Epstein, Emerald Rae, Fellow Pynins, Ímar, Molsky's Mountain Drifters, Oliver the Crow

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Comments from around the web:

“We're so grateful to the folks at Look Media Resource for taking some time to speak with Ann Morgan about the Get Healthy North Country Community Integrated Health Network and the great work its member organizations are doing across the region. Thank you!” The Heart Network on Facebook

“Thank you to Look Media Resource and Jesse Jackson for the opportunity to speak directly to the voters of Queensbury regarding my candidacy this year.” Mike Wild on Facebook.

“What if economic development were a primary source of protecting Lake George? That's what Jim Siplon, president of EDC Warren County, is proposing to the business community at large. In the Look Media Resource interview below, Jim, an LGA board member, shares his vision and how it could play out. A worthwhile watch!” Lake George association on Facebook.

Top videos 4th Quarter :

  1. Mangino 'Your Look' Events 90
  2. Joy King - LTW
  3. Magen MacDavid = V1
  4. Mangino 'Your Look'
  5. Heather O'Connor - LTW
  6. Anthony Hall - LTW
  7. Magen MacDavid - LTW
  8. Patrick Gromley - LTW
  9. Mike Wild - LTW
  10. Amy Quinn - LTW

Comments from around the web:

“Thank you to Look TV for spending time with WSWHE BOCES District Superintendent, Dr. Turina Parker, to discuss the Strategic Plan. We are future focused and look forward to the impact it will make for our students.” WSWHE BOCES on Facebook.

“​​A special Thanks to Jesse and the Look Media Team for all you all do to advance the arts in our region and beyond!” Glens Falls Symphony on Facebook.

“Thank you for this interview! Sharing!” Laurie Frederick on Facebook Glens Falls Hospital Alzheimer's Interview

“Culminated? Focused? Core Values? Severe staff shortage. Gas lighting. How many students are lacking therapies due to no staff. How many districts are billed with no services being provided? Roofs that leak, doors that don’t lock, mice infested buildings. It’s not all smiles and giggles.” Julie Kline on Facebook WSWHE BOCES Turina Parker Interview

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