4th Quarter Newsletter 2019
    As the season of expenses approaches, many members may be looking for ways to ease the pain on their winter budgets. Delay-A-Pay is one convenient, affordable option.
    Members have the option of delaying an upcoming vehicle loan or personal loan payment until the following due date and may be used up to once per year. Our Delay-A-Pay feature allows members to delay one full payment of an eligible loan  until the next due date. The intention behind this feature is to provide members added flexibility with their payments. Additional details, terms, and conditions are available online at capview.com. Delay-A-Pay cannot be used toward business, mortgage, home equity, home equity line of credit or MasterCard credit card payments.

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BStaff Planning Session
Closing Early - October 10 @ 3pm
    This October our staff will hold an annual internal planning session to discuss ways we can continue to better serve our membership in the year ahead.
    To better accommodate this meeting, we will be closing our office early, at 3pm. Our staff apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciates your understanding.
AnnualMeetingBoard Member Nominations
2020 Board Member Election
     If you are interested in taking a bigger role in setting the direction of your credit union, please contact the nominating committee. The nominating committee consists of Dan Halferty, Mickey McGovern, Ann Garvey, Karla Dorman, and Paula Nissen. Contact information is published on our website and is available at the credit union office.
     Members who are at least 18 years old, in good standing, and who have a primary account (not a joint account holder) may run for a seat on the Capitol View Credit Union Board of Directors. Nominations must be received by December 27th, 2019. In addition you can also be nominated by petition signed by 1% of members, subject to a minimum of 20 members. Nominations by petition can be accepted by the Board Secretary, Lisa Kolontar, until January 24th, 2020. There will be no nominations from the floor at the annual meeting.
     Board meetings are held monthly in addition to duties on committees. Contact Brent Kowalsky at 515-348-8354 if you would like more information about the position. The annual meeting will be held on April 15, 2020. Membership will elect three board members at the annual meeting. More information on the meeting and election will be published in the next quarterly newsletter and on our website.
HyVee recently announced that a portion of their card processing system had been compromised. As a result, Capitol View has taken proactive steps to protect potentially effected members' debit and credit cards. Here is a brief summary of actions Capitol View is taking and actions you can take to further safeguard your cards:

What We Are Doing:
  • Capitol View is continually reviewing lists from our card processors of potentially compromized debit and credit cards. Members identified as being at an increased risk are being notified by phone or sent a letter with additional information.
  • Debit cards at an increased risk will automatically be reissued with new numbers and PINs. If effected, you will receive a letter in the mail with additional information.
  • Credit cards at an increased risk will be placed on a fraud watch list. Activity that is deemed unusual or suspect will be declined until it can be verified with the member.

What You Can Do:
  • Members are recommended to review their account activity regularly using home banking. Any suspected activity should be promptly reported to Capitol View.
  • If your debit or credit card has not been identified as potentially compromised there is no immediate need to replace your cards.
Have Additional Questions? Contact Us At:
cvcu@capview.com or 515-348-8350
    For a limited time, Capitol View is offering up to $250 cash back* when you refinance your vehicle loan from another institution. Don't have a vehicle loan? You can still qualify for this promotion when you finance a vehicle purchase with Capitol View!

Contact us today to speak with
Doug or Kyle about your options.

*Rewards are disbursed after the first six months of on-time payments. Loans must be in good standing to qualify for rewards. See credit union for details. Existing Capitol View CU loans are not eligible. Offer valid for a limited time.
    For a limited time, Capitol View Credit Union is offering a 15 year in-house mortgage for 2.875% for those who qualify.
  • Purchase only (no refinance)
  • 0.5% Commitment Fee
  • 2.994% APR
  • No Origination
  • 740 Minimum Credit Score
  • 75% LTV (25% down payment)
  • Maximum 40% debt ratio
  • Escrow of Taxes and Insurance Required
*All figures are estimates and should be used for comparison purposes only. Please consult your credit union for actual payment and expense examples. Premier Lending Alliance is not responsible for any inaccurate information. All rates are subject to change without notice. *Payment is based on a credit score of 740. Accuracy is not guaranteed and products may not be available to all borrowers, based on their individual situation. This is not a credit decision or commitment to lend. Rates and Terms may vary. This offer is based upon availability of funds and is a limited time offer.

Contact our mortgage originator, Tim Wells, to learn more at
515-867-2728, TimW@premierLA.org, or apply online at www.capview.com
StaffColumnQuarterly Staff Column 
"Vehicle Loan Promotions - Trick or Treat?"
    Dealers and financial institutions work hard to offer attractive incentives for you to finance with them. But are some of those popular incentives tricks or treats?

Zero Percent Interest
A favorite among dealers is zero percent financing. The thought of paying zero interest on a vehicle sounds great. Unfortunately, what dealers lose in interest they make up for in price. If given the choice between zero interest and rebates off of the purchase price it is worth your while to calculate the savings. Or you could always take the rebates off of the purchase price by financing with the dealer and then refinance it immediately with Capitol View. Now that's a treat.

No Payments For Months
Another popular promotion is 'no payments for months'. The thought of skipping a vehicle payment for one, two, even three months can sound very appealing. However, it's important to keep in mind that during those months of no payments, interest continues to accrue and your vehicle begins depreciating. As a result, you'll be paying significant amounts of interest once payments start and you'll be that much further behind your vehicle's value.

Finance Charge Dealer Markups
Lastly, be cautious when financing with the dealer. Dealers are under no requirement to give you the lowest rate you qualify for. In fact, dealers will often add additional interest on top of  a loan they find for you. For example, a finance company might say you qualify for a 5% loan, but the finance manager may tell you it's 7% while the dealer takes a cut. Keep that in mind if you consider financing without Capitol View.

Benjamin Sheridan
Assistant Manager
SecurityTipQuarterly Security Tip - "Credit Reports"
    We all work hard to keep our credit reports in good shape. Doing so helps ensure that we are in a good position to receive affordable credit. However,  your credit report is valuable to criminals as well.
    Considering the years of work it takes to build strong credit, it is even more important to protect it. Capitol View recommends that members review their credit report annually to ensure accuracy. Members can access their credit reports annually for free by visiting
Capitol View Credit Union