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4th Sunday in Lent

March 19, 2023

In-Person Worship at 9:00 and 10:30 am, every Sundays.**

Livestream Worship, 10:30 am, every Sunday.

**Mask required at 9:00 am Worship, Mask Optional at 10:30 am Worship

Child Care available for 9:00 and 10:30 am services.

Sunday School for Pre-K - 8th Grade during 10:30 am Worship, every Sunday.

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Message from Pastor Tim

Dear Friends and Members of the Ark and Dove Community,

This Sunday we will commission Lori Kronser, Cheryl Walcutt, and Sher Atkinson to travel with the Presbytery of Baltimore to Guatemala. Our Presbytery has had a partnership with CEDEPCA (Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America) in Guatemala for many years. This partnership is built on the premise that Guatemalan Christians and American Christians can learn from each other and from our learning we will all grow in faith. If you look at the back of our worship bulletins, you will see that Ark and Dove has a direct connection to CEDEPCA. We support the Ministry of PCUSA Mission Co-Worker, Betsy Moe, who serves with CEDEPCA. This is a long-standing relationship which began with Karla Koll who served with CEDEPCA early in this Century. Karla is now professor of history, mission, and religion at the Latin American Biblical University (UBL), an ecumenical university located in San Jose, Costa Rica. We still support her ministry with our contributions as well.

A word about partnerships and Mission Co-Workers: In centuries past, Christian Churches were eager to share Christ's love and sent "Missionaries" abroad and to Native Americans. The views of the church about mission work in those days were "faithful," but also arrogant, racist, hierarchical and patriarchal. We often taught, either explicitly or implicitly, that western values and customs were superior to indigenous ways of living and even required for faith. The PCUSA has repented of our past errors and now engages in partnerships with local churches and institutions employing and commissioning Co-workers. Partnerships flow in both directions and all parties benefit from the many different ways we express and live out our faith with mutual respect. Hence Lori, Cheryl, and Sher go to learn and to share, to grow and to give.

Having visited Guatemala twice with our Presbytery, I know they will have a true adventure in faith. Thank you for your support of ecumenical partnerships. 



Message from Interim Associate Pastors

Dear Friends and Members of the Ark and Dove Community,

This issue of the Arkive is coming to you on St. Patrick’s Day. Stephen, who doesn’t have a drop of Irish blood in him, has adopted all things Irish as his heritage, especially the music and poetry of the Celts. He was once in a bar with a group of Presbyterian ministers on the day before St. Patrick’s Day. With a little encouragement from the others and a little lubrication for his voice, Stephen let loose with song and poetry. At least one person must have enjoyed it, because the barkeeper offered him a job if he would just return the next day. He did not. But that has not stopped Stephen from singing Irish songs with gusto, especially today.

Many of us do not hail from the lands of the Celts, but as Presbyterians we can claim Celtic Spirituality as our own. The roots of the Presbyterian Church are in Scotland. The spirituality of the people of Ireland and Scotland has infused our own sense of what it is to be a Christian. Some of the gifts from this tradition include a sense of God’s presence in all things, especially in nature. It includes a sense that truth can be found and expressed most vividly in poetry and story, in songs and jokes. Celtic Spirituality understands that evil lurks nearby, but God’s arms enfold us and God’s protection is over us.

The Spirituality of the Celts grew out of an experience of community. So, our faith stresses both our belonging to the community of Christians and our imperative to reach out and embrace others. Our understanding of who is included in the beloved community is always expanding. One of the true gifts of Ark and Dove is that people from many traditions and perspectives have been welcomed into the family of faith and found a place that is safe; a place where we are enfolded in God’s loving arms. Our Celtic forebearers would urge us to be still and aware of God’s presence within and all around.

Top of the morning (or evening) to you!

Caroline and Stephen

Message from Administration Ministry

Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,

After Associate Pastor Jon Nelson departed from Ark and Dove, Stephen and Caroline Price-Gibson answered Session’s call and accepted the position of interim Co-Associate Pastors. Since September of 2022, they have delivered sermons, attended to Pastoral care for the congregation, helped lead Advent Devotional Studies, Bible Studies, Godly Play, Sunday School, Youth Groups, and LOGOS, organized the Children’s Christmas Pageant, assisted with the Refugee Resettlement Committee and the Abawi Family, and so much more. Their contributions to Ark and Dove have been wonderful and not only helped our congregation through a period of grieving the loss of Jon, but also helped to build deeper and stronger relationships and keep our children’s and youth programs going strong!    

The APNT has been hard at work and is making great progress in the search for a permanent Associate Pastor for Ark and Dove. In order to make up for some of our budget deficit, we want to let you know their contracts will be ending on Sunday, April 30, 2023. Per Presbyterian policy, they will be stepping away from Ark and Dove for a period of time while we welcome and onboard a new Associate Pastor. 

It is with full hearts of gratitude that we thank Stephen and Caroline for their interim ministry at Ark and Dove and the incredible impact they have made over these past six months. We will be having a farewell celebration for Stephen and Caroline in April to thank them for all they have done for Ark and Dove. See the details below.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or concerns.

Peace and blessings,

Amy Goldberg

Administration Elder 

Verse and Prayer

Then the LORD said, “Rise and anoint him; this is the one." So Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the presence of his brothers, and from that day on the Spirit of the LORD came powerfully upon David.   

I Samuel 16:12b-13

We have witnessed the inspiration of spirit 

in the voice of a loved one, in the colors of an artist, in the vision of a leader,

in the simplest acts of daily kindness and neighborliness.

We have experienced creativity in our own souls, 

in seeing things anew, in unplanned utterances of wonder and passion, 

in the mort ordinary actions of tending and caring.

In the life of the world this day, in every nation and among every people,

let there be a fresh stirrings of your Spirit.  

In our own souls and in the world this day 

let there be fresh stirrings of your mighty and Creating Spirit. Amen.

(Adapted from a prayer by J Philip Newell – Sounds of the Eternal: A Celtic Psalter)

Dear Friends,

This week, the band will lead the music for both services. The services will open with a Prelude called Graves into Gardens by Elevation Worship, and will be sung by Adell Gaurin and Kim Champagne. The song was released in 2020, and quickly reached the top of the Christian music charts in the US. The lyrics especially resonated during Covid, with the chorus proclaiming "You turn graves into gardens, You turn bones into armies, You turn seas into highways, You're the only one who can".  

The Offertory Anthem is an arrangement of Amazing Grace, set to the tune of House of the Rising Sun. The tune, House of the Rising Sun is a traditional folk song with unclear origins, but it is believed to have originated in the 19th century, with its popularity coming in 1964 when it was recorded by the British rock band The Animals. Some people believe that the song may have been influenced by African American spirituals.  

The service will be blended with the traditional hymns, including the hymn Awake My Soul, and With the Sun sung to the tune of the Tallis Canon.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend


Director of Music

Musician Spotlight

Paul Doughty sings tenor in the choir and the band, and also plays guitar and leads the band when needed. He started singing in the choir as a child in South Woodstock Baptist Church in northeastern Connecticut, where his mother was the organist and choir director. He enjoyed music so much in high school that he ultimately majored in music at Barrington College, outside of Providence, Rhode Island. After graduation, he occasionally played pop favorites on guitar and piano at clubs, but found more steady work by enlisting in the United States Air Force. During USAF language school, he was pleased to be able to apply his music degree to direct the Russian Choir. After one overseas tour in Germany, he moved to Maryland, and joined the Chesapeake Chorale in Bowie. At a Chorale picnic he had the good fortune to meet his future wife Laura. Perhaps his most thrilling choral experience was singing tenor with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Chorus for a year.

Paul has also enjoyed singing and playing contemporary worship music. He experienced how it could move people to worship when he encountered music by British worship leaders like Matt Redman. He and Laura helped lead a contemporary worship service at Prince of Peace in Crofton before coming to Ark and Dove in 2001, where Paul promptly joined our band! They also led the band at their parish church in England where they were stationed for 3 years. He has mostly been in the band (and later, the choir) ever since, except for two years when he served as the Contemporary Worship Director at Community United Methodist Church in Crofton. Paul and Laura live in Crofton. Their older daughter Caroline is pursuing a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Hood College, and younger daughter Lydia is majoring in Mathematical Biology at The College of William and Mary in Virginia. 


We are happy to share that our Children’s and Youth Music Ministry will share a special music selection, entitled Dry Bones by Mark Burrows, with the congregation next Sunday. Our young people have been working as a team each week to prepare this special music selection. Our young people may also feature a few special congregants, who are also musicians, but we will have to wait until next Sunday! We will share Dry Bones at both services next week. We will rehearse on this upcoming Sunday (3/19/23) and Thursday evening (3/23/23) in preparation for Sunday, March 26, 2023. If you have young people who would like to join the Children’s and Youth Music Ministry, there is room for you! We meet every Sunday. If you would like to be added to the weekly e-mail list, please e-mail me at Thank you for your continued love and support for our young people! 

Weekly Rehearsal Schedule: 

Youth Ensemble (Hand Chime Choir, Percussion Ensemble, Piano Ensemble):

9 AM – 9:45 AM 

Choir Rehearsal: 9:45 AM – 10:15 AM

In peace,


Director of Music for Children and Youth

Message from

Interim Director of Youth Ministry

Kind regards,

Whitney Grimm

Interim Director of Youth Ministry

Please Donate Electronically!

DONATE ONLINE! One-time and recurring!

TEXT your donations! 410-983-3481

Text give to get started. Text commands for more options.


Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7

Per Capita Special Offering

Ark and Dove is now receiving the Per Capita Special Offering. The church pays a combined $40.00 per member to the General Assembly of the PCUSA ($9.85), The Synod of the Mid Atlantic ($1.15), and the Presbytery of Baltimore ($29.00) to cover the Administrative Expenses of our denomination. Per Capita funding is how Presbyterians mutually share the costs of coming together and to set directions for the future. Contributions to Per Capita provide the ecclesiastical infrastructure that binds our ministry. It enables churches to call pastors; supports those pastors in their ministries; provides for guidance in troubled times; encourages those called to church leadership; and enables us to gather as the body of Christ. You can pay your per Capita by clicking here.

February Financial Summary

YTD Expected Unpledged Income $3,666

Actual Unpledged Income $2,2127

Behind $1,539

YTD Expected Pledged & Electronic Giving $86,658

YTD Actual Pledged & Electronic Giving $75,161

Behind $11,497

Bulletin - 4th Sunday of Lent

Holy Week Flowers

The Flower Team and Worship Ministry are accepting donations for palms and Easter flowers for Holy week. The suggested donation is $15 and may be made at in-person worship service or by texting FLOWERS to 410-983-3481. Easter lilies will be available to take home on after Easter Service if desired. Forms are available in the church bulletin or online. If you have any questions, please contact Paula Griggs at 443-510-6687 or

Earth Care Teams up

with Worship Ministry

Ark and Dove has a new effort underway to reduce paper waste and admin costs. For each worship service, a QR code that opens the BULLETIN is now posted at the sanctuary door and at the name tag table. Please feel free to scan this QR code to pull up the bulletin for that service on your phone. The QR code can be scanned by pointing your phone camera at the black and white squiggly square. If you still want a paper bulletin, that will still be available. We hope that we can print 10 or 20 fewer bulletins each week, saving on paper and copier costs. This simple, genius idea was hatched by Justin Rebbert, and is carried out each week by our wonderful Church Administrator Cherese Scarbor. Thank you for this small step we can take to reduce waste! The Earth Care team and Worship Ministry are always open to new ideas that will help us be better disciples.

Upcoming Listening Sessions

Our Ark and Dove core team is involved in ACT’s current listening campaign. We invite Ark and Dove members and friends and local community members to talk with us. We would like you to share your compelling stories of how you are coping with the challenges of our times. Through these listening sessions, we will learn of your concerns and needs. Your concerns and needs may become causes that ACT addresses through county-wide actions. Closer to home, your stories will factor into our Long Range Planning Team’s work, as well as the Community Engagement efforts that we began last fall.

We are in the process of putting together a schedule of focus group listening sessions. If you are a member of one of these focus groups, you are welcome to attend at the time scheduled. However, attendees need not be affiliated with the focus group; anyone can attend any listening session at their convenience. If you are a member of several focus groups, you do not need to attend more than one session. By early May, we hope to hear the stories of each of you and many of our community neighbors. We look forward to talking with you soon!

The schedule will continue to grow and will include more focus groups in the coming weeks. (Yet to be scheduled: Friendly Seniors, GLEAM, Middle School Youth Group, High School Youth Group)

Sign up for a Listening Session 

Upcoming Listening Session Dates

  • March 19th, 11:45am-12:30pm, Ark and Dove Room - PARENTS 

  • March 28th - 7:00pm-7:45pm, Zoom - OPEN LISTENING SESSION

  • April 3rd - 6:30pm-7:15pm, Zoom - ANTIRACISM

  • April 11th -7:30pm-8:15pm, Zoom - NEW MEMBERS

  • April 16th, 10:00am-10:30am, Ark and Dove Room - OPEN LISTENING SESSION

  • April 18th - 7:00pm-7:45pm, Zoom - OPEN LISTENING SESSION

  • April 25th - 7:00pm-7:45pm, Zoom - OPEN LISTENING SESSION

  • April 30th, 11:45am-12:30pm, Ark and Dove Room - OPEN LISTENING SESSION

  • May 7th, 10:00am-10:30am, Ark and Dove Room - OPEN LISTENING SESSION

Outreach & Connections

Let us thank the Price-Gibsons!

Let us join together on April 30th at 11:45 am to celebrate the Price-Gibsons and their wonderful service to Ark & Dove in our time of transition. After 2nd service, we will be having a potluck hour with speakers to thank them for their time. We are asking folks to bring a small dish or snack to share. To ensure a range of dishes we are asking folks to bring something along the following categories: Sweet (like brownies), Salty (like chips), Creamy (like veggie dip), Crunchy (like hard pretzels), Hearty (like pigs in a blanket), or Drinks. Please sign up at so we know how many to expect! Contact with any questions.

Parent Group Meeting 

We invite parents and caregivers of children thru college-age to meet in the Marshall room at 11:30 am on March 26th for an hour of fellowship and shared pizza. Let's continue to meet fellow friends on the parenting journey! Childcare provided for a small contribution.

Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church


One Great Hour of Sharing

Presbyterians have joined with millions of other Christians through One Great Hour of Sharing to share God’s love with people experiencing need. Our gifts support ministries of disaster response, refugee assistance and resettlement, and community development that help people find safe refuge, start new lives and work together to strengthen their families and communities. The Presbyterian Hunger Program receives 36 percent of undesignated gifts, while Self-Development of People and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance each receives 32 percent.

Offerings may be submitted in the OGHS envelope in the seat backs in the sanctuary, within the Giving Tab on the A&D website, or by texting Great Hour to 410-983-3481 to donate.


GLEAM – Family & Ally Meeting 

This will be held on Monday, March 20th, 7 - 8pm. This support group is for family and friends of LGBTQIA+ persons and for allies who want to learn more. For the zoom link contact Amy Tardiff

CAP Food Pantry in a Jam

The Christian Assistance Program (CAP) food pantry in Odenton is grateful for our ongoing support. For the remainder of March and April, the Item of the Month is jelly and jam. We have bins marked for CAP food in the cabinet across from the lobby coat rack. Food can also be taken directly to the pantry at First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Odenton, on Tuesdays 10:30am-1:30pm and Thursdays 2:30-5:30pm. Or contact Greg Makar ( to make other arrangements.

Abawi Family Update

The Abawi family is blessed with a car!! A generous member of the Annapolis Presbyterian Church has donated a 2020 Ford!! The family is so grateful for everything our two resettlement teams have done for them.

Mexican Refugee Family Update

In 2017, Ark and Dove members began supporting a newly-arrived refugee family from Mexico. With the church’s support, they were able to learn how to navigate the various health and government systems in the U.S., gain drivers’ licenses, and generally thrive faster than without. Since that time, they’ve received their permanent residency and are working on citizenship; bought their first house; and more recently the mother was able to buy a food truck with money she’d saved up from selling Oaxacan bread.

The family has since been joined by the mother’s sister and her two children, who were able to cross into the U.S. under advance parole that allows migrants from Mexico to enter for one of four special circumstances: those who have a physical or mental illness, a disability, or are pregnant; lack safe housing or shelter in Mexico; have been threatened or harmed while in Mexico; or are under 21 or over 70. In a future update, I’ll go over more recent policy changes put in place by the Biden Administration for migrants seeking asylum and how what’s happening on the Southern Border is a social justice issue.

For now, though, the family could use some additional support from Ark and Dove members who feel so moved. They crossed with very little belongings: only a couple of outfits, one pair of shoes that they wore, and a stuffed animal for the little girl. The family is in need of clothing, and lightly used clothes are fine. Anyone who feels so moved could also provide grocery cards to help with those rising food costs, as well.


A plastic bin has been installed underneath the coat rack at the church to collect any clothes you might have. It is marked with the family’s alias. If you wanted to also contribute a grocery or other card (Shoppers, Walmart, etc) you can leave that in an envelope marked for the Mexican refugee family on Cherese’s (Church Admin) desk. 

The kids will start school next week and will have to wear specific colors for school uniforms, and I’ve included what those colors are on the line following clothing sizes.


Clothing: Children’s Size 10-12

Shoes: Girls’ (children) Size 2

Son (13 years old)

Clothing: Boys’ size 14-16; pants are size 16; Khaki pants and Navy Blue shirts (polo/button up preferred as usual)

Shoes: Boys’ size 7

Daughter (6 years old)

Clothing: Girls’ size 5T; Khaki pants and Black shirts (polo/ button up preferred as usual)

Shoes: Toddler size 11

If you have any questions OR would like to be added to the email list for future updates, contact Laura Willoughby Perry at

I have seen the direct difference the direct support, care and concern for this family has made in their lives: Ark and Dove members have blessed them, and as a result they have been able to prosper and thrive much sooner than others who may not have such support. Know that the entire family is moved and touched by Ark and Dove member’s ongoing support.

Laura Willoughby Perry

Member of Refugee Team

Yarn Donations Requested for Guatemala Partnership Trip

Ark and Dove have participated in many trips with the Presbytery of Baltimore throughout the years. The type of Intercultural Encounters that Ark and Dove have participated have changed since we first started participating. We began through the Immersion-Work Groups, a time of study of a certain topic with work experience where we would participate in mutual learning and interaction with Central American people and groups. We later stared participating in Partnership Strengthening Visits which helps solidify relations with local groups and/or churches. We learn about the realities in which their partners live day to day.

If you would like to learn more about the Partnership, please visit the Baltimore Presbytery website under the Relationships tab.

On March 25th Lori Kronser, Sher Atkinson and I will be traveling to Guatemala for a week of reconnection with CEDEPCA after a few years off due to Covid-19. We will be taking with us yarn for the women who create beautiful scarves that help to support them and their families. A box will be placed near the collection area by the nursery. Any type or color of yarn will be greatly appreciated.


Cheryl Walcutt

Member of CEDEPCA Team

Christian Education for Children and Youth

Sunday Mornings for Children and Youth

9:00 AM


Youth, Percussion, & Hand Chime Ensemble (9:00 to 9:45)

Children & Youth Choir (9:45 to 10:15)

10:30 AM


Godly Play Sunday School Pre-K through grade 4

Middle School Sunday School grade 5 through 8

NEW! - High School Sunday School grade 9 through 12

Prayer Requests

Please keep the following people in your prayers this week:

Love and Sympathy of the congregation is extended to the Miller family upon the death of Ron's brother, Jeff, who struggled with illness for many years; the Bayly Family upon the death of Bayly Kirlin, the cousin of Tom Bayly.

PRAYERS OF HEALING AND SUPPORT FOR Chris Boyd, friend of Diane Johnson, in hospice stay; the Herman's next door neighbor - recovering from open heart surgery; Jan and Al Jank's daughter-in-law; Ann Hirschy; Layla Tyus with health issues and her family; Tony Hoxie, post-surgery issues; Lindsey Hoxie's mother, recovering from a stroke and living with Tony and Lindsey; Lindsey Hoxie, for supportive prayers dealing with challenges; Dan Atkinson having medical procedure; Kamarii Miller; The Solano Family, especially Rosemari recovering from illness; John Morgan, Wendy Wellington's Father; Chris A., Cherese Scarbor's Father, recovering from a Stroke; Val who had surgery and preparing for another surgery; Friends living with cancer; Jeff Faiman awaiting biopsy results; someone struggling with depression; A transwomen attacked in Towson; Doris Fields struggling with cardiac issues; the Baker family after baby Charlie born at 24.5 weeks; Lucy Sorenson who fell and broken hip and elbow; Joan Berry for good physical and mental health at age 82; Diane McPhail, recovering after surgery; Shelley Franklin; Nikol Sahai recovering from surgery; Elizabeth Carter; Joseph Cate, Craig West's partner, Children with cancer, their families, and their care providers; Jimmy Carter; Tim Soyars, nephew of Dot Forloines; Cyndy Ingram, step-daughter of Dot Forloines; Laura Talbert recovering from surgery; the people of Syria and Turkey; Linnie Girdner; Lamika Wilson and family that is facing multiple conflicts and despair; Barb Benson, Mary Benson's sister; Norman Willoughby, Laura Willoughby-Perry’s father; the family of Jatin Patel, who died after a battle with brain cancer; Bernice Taylor; Bri R and Ezra; the Ostrach Family; Loretta Frick; the Bonstrom family; the Houseknecht family; Dick Eckersley's granddaughter; Ebenye Ade upon the death of her brother, Thompson Ade; Amy Tardiff's mother; Aunt Teri in home hospice care; the family of a boy who died in a fire; the SeonBuchner family dealing with ongoing challenges and preparing for upcoming surgeries; a niece who was diagnosed with breast cancer; Denise Bartgis; Ardeth Johns; Mandie Kuhl, the niece of Steve and Cathy Debus, who is battling cancer; the Marsh Family; for family members suffering from addiction; Sarah, Brenn Budge's sister; Doris Fields in the hospital; Colleen recovering from a stroke; the Knight Family; a friend facing brain surgery; a mother in the hospital; Don Clark; a friend having medical issues; Linda Walcutt; Karen Dodson; MaryAnn Buckley; Sue Miller, Laura Willoughby-Perry’s mother, after hip surgery; Audrey Miller, daughter of Kathy Miller; a wonderful teen facing the challenges of an eating disorder; Dotty Kaufmann; Mary Elizabeth Nay; Bri Lapp; a teen struggling with peer concerns at school; Holly Folk, friend of Laura Willoughby-Perry; Carol & Henry Saylor; Rose having health issues; Deb Saylor's grand-nephew, Jordan; Chantel Seetram; Debbie and Bruce Arey's Daughter, Allison; families impacted by gun violence; Dr. Jesse Nicholson, Connie Batts' brother-in-law; Danni Johnson, fighting cancer; the family of Gavin Hurley; Amanda Welford; Bruce Arey's sister; Helen Jarkiewicz; Dee going through breast cancer; Doug Dehaven; Marie, Nikol Sahai’s Mom; Irina Lee, Fran; Dot Forloines; Vaughn Brown; Dick Paronto; Julie Devers' friend Zenia Dacio-Messina; Hope Sutphin; Freyja Hartzell; Rebecca Echols friend, Lauren Douglas; Andy, friend of Karen Dodson; Ghazal Abawi; Cara Moody’s father-in-law, Gary Moody Sr.; Debbie Saylor's Friends: Carlene Printy and Helen Rossum

If you have prayer concerns or blessings that you would like to share, please contact Deacon Patriceo Green at and he will add your concern to the prayer partners email chain.

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