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The Fourth Sunday in Advent brings us to the beautiful Gospel of the Annunciation of the Lord. It is here that the Blessed Virgin Mary willingly becomes the “handmaid of the Lord” and says to the Archangel Gabriel with great faith, “May it be done to me according to your word.” What great faith! The narrative is one to ponder during this final week of Advent, and I invite you to spend some time with Luke 1:26-38 this week.

Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus in The Chosen, recently posted on social media the following reflection and poem from a Methodist minister, Jan Richardson. It’s a perspective of the Annunciation from that of the Archangel Gabriel. While written by a Methodist, it’s very Catholic. Enjoy!

Gabriel’s Annunciation
When Mary says let it be to the archangel, it is an act of radical surrender. She offers her yes not with the meek passivity that history has so often ascribed to her; this kind of surrender is born not of weakness but of a daring strength within her and a stunning grace that shows up to sustain her. Mary’s surrender is deliberate, the choice of a woman ready to give herself to the sacred with such abandon that she agrees, with intention, to give up every last plan she had for her life.
Mary’s audacious yes propels her onto a dark way. She sets out on a path almost completely devoid of signposts or trails left by others; she chooses a road utterly unlike any she had ever imagined for herself. What must it have been like to walk a way she could hardly perceive, while carrying within herself—in her heart and womb and bones—a light unlike any the world had ever seen?

What must it have been like for the archangel who witnessed Mary’s yes?

Gabriel’s Annunciation
For a moment
I hesitated
on the threshold.
For the space
of a breath
I paused,
unwilling to disturb
her last ordinary moment,
knowing that the next step
would cleave her life:
that this day
would slice her story
in two,
dividing all the days before
from all the ones
to come.
The artists would later
depict the scene:
Mary dazzled
by the archangel,
her head bowed
in humble assent,
awed by the messenger
who condescended
to leave paradise
to bestow such an honor
upon a woman, and mortal.
Yet I tell you
it was I who was dazzled,
I who found myself agape
when I came upon her—
reading, at the loom, in the kitchen,
I cannot now recall;
only that the woman before me—
blessed and full of grace
long before I called her so—
shimmered with how completely
she inhabited herself,
inhabited the space around her,
inhabited the moment
that hung between us.
I wanted to save her
from what I had been sent
to say.
Yet when the time came,
when I had stammered
the invitation
(history would not record
the sweat on my brow,
the pounding of my heart;
would not note
that I said
Do not be afraid
to myself as much as
to her)
it was she
who saved me—
her first deliverance—
her Let it be
not just declaration
to the Divine
but a word of solace,
of soothing,
of benediction
for the angel
in the doorway
who would hesitate
one last time—
just for the space
of a breath
torn from his chest—
before wrenching himself away
from her radiant consent,
her beautiful and
awful yes.

~Jan Richardson

Blessings to you all in the week to come!

Fr. David Mulholland
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O Antiphons
Want to go a little deeper in the final week of advent? Want to know what the “O Antiphons” are and why they comprise the most famous advent hymn, O Come, O Come Emmanuel? Learn how the sacred liturgy shapes this special time from Abbot Jeremy Driscoll OSB from Mount Angel by clicking the play button.
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Simbang Gabi
On each of the nine mornings leading up to Christmas, Catholics in the Philippines gather in the pre-dawn hours for Simbang Gabi, a novena of Masses that anticipates the celebration of Christmas. Experience the spirituality of the season, the anticipation and expectation of the birth of our Lord and the fellowship with Pierce Deanery faith community.

The annual Archdiocesan-Parish sponsored Novena of Advent Masses— Simbang Gabi, celebrated at nine participating parishes, began with the Commissioning Mass at St. James Cathedral on December 12. St. Patrick Parish will celebrate the 8th day of the novena on December 20 at 11 am in-person and via livestream.

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