We've received feedback of freezing during live classes.

So, we are going to start recording classes one (1) day in advance and then releasing the video on the following day for uninterrupted viewing.

This morning we recorded the Saturday morning Grind and we're about to record Weight Training with ICE and Barre Intensity with Jessica for on-demand viewing tomorrow.

All three (3) of these classes will be released tomorrow morning at your normal Saturday morning class times. Then, tomorrow we'll record the classes for Sunday morning and so on.

No password will be required for the next couple of days as we grow the online following.

Thank you for sharing the videos with your friends. Your promotion is the truest testimonial and puts our community on full display. Due to your sharing, the videos have received over 5,000 online views which has left us jaw-dropped.

Thank you again for your support and thank you to Jon, ICE, & Jessica for putting on some incredible classes for the community to train with at home.

All videos will be available at vimeo.com/getsomefitness upon release.

For the best viewing experience read the instructions at: getsomefitness.com/stream

We've ordered new tech gear to improve the quality of the online image and overall production.

In good health,