Did you find this picture of Jesus yet?
The first week Jesus was hidden behind the Presider's chair, because Christ is present in the priest at Mass. The second week Jesus was hidden behind the ambo, because we hear Christ speak to us in the Liturgy of the Word. The third week Jesus was hidden behind the altar, because Jesus is present in the Eucharist.
After Mass this week, quietly search the church for this picture. Take a selfie with Jesus’ picture this week. Send one selfie this week to jodi.schott@dor.org to complete your mission! Please put: Mission Picture in the subject line of email. All pictures must be submitted by May 13 th . Don’t have a camera? Ask a staff member or friend for help. 
The Saint Kateri school class and Family Faith Formation group that consistently submits the highest percentage of weekly pictures will receive a special treat!
As some of our children will be receiving Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time this weekend, let us all join in prayer for them and also be reminded about the importance of Holy Communion.
Hints for April 29
Hint #1: Wherever 2 or more are gathered . . .
Hint #2: Mass cannot take place unless this is assembled.
Hint #3: Jesus is present sitting, standing and kneeling. The picture of Jesus is located in a spot that is almost
always open...
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