Covid, The Never Ending Long Run
As a runner I enjoy "the long run." It is the weekly run that is 10-20% longer than all other runs that week and is done at a slow pace perfect for conversation (precovid) or listening to My Favorite Murder or Someone Knows Something.
This pandemic feels a little bit like a long run; long, painful, silver linings here and there, and many moments of self despair and feeling sorry for oneself!
The only difference is, long runs have a set finish. This pandemic does not.
At first, I thought my long distance running background was preparation enough for getting through this difficult time. But when the finish line kept stretching further and further ahead, I realized I was not at all prepared.
I don't think any of us are. What I do know; Covid is much harder on those who are not healthy to begin with.
While we do not have control on when this will end, we do have control of how well we take care of ourselves until it does.
Work out, eat healthy, wear your mask and, just like the long run, the finish line will one day emerge. Catherine DuBay-GM
Club & Pools Closed
July 4th
Due to the County's guidelines restricting gatherings this weekend, the Flamingo Pool will be closed as well on 4th of July. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to the day when we can gather once again.
Wear a Mask
When the club reopened the guidelines for wearing a mask while exercising indoors were "recommended". The guidelines have now changed to "required", For the protection or yourself, other members and the staff please wear your mask while indoors at all times.
Swim Lessons Return
Private and Semi-Private Lesson are now available.
Instructor Katie Morrison is back to teach youth swim lessons. Lessons will comply to all covid guidelines.
Half hour private lesson:. $45/$60 (member/non-member).
Half hour semi-private lesson: $85/$115.
If you need to make any changes to your membership, please do so with our online forms. Please do not request changes by "replying" to this email.
Any questions, please contact our membership department or account manager .