Federal Update - Tell Congress to Keep Workers Paid and Employed

Negotiations are ongoing in Washington, and action is expected later tonight.

The current Rubio bill now defines restaurants in the way that the IRA has been advocating for: 500 employees or less per location or legal entity.

Also included in the bill: $350B with broad bipartisan agreements, cash loans to small businesses & nonprofits at 500 employees or less, forgivable loans from existing local lenders if they show cash went to cover worker payroll + business expenses (rent, utilities, healthcare costs etc), and unemployment relief for laid off workers, now at $500B.

This is all thanks to your efforts! As of this afternoon, IRA members have sent 10,000 messages to Congress to urge them to support the bill proposed by Senator Rubio. Thank you for your efforts!

Senator McConnell has delayed cloture until 6:00 p.m. (Eastern), which limits debate on the measure but ensures that members cannot filibuster. Senator Schumer has said that Democratic and GOP staffers are working to change some of the problematic provisions in the final bill, and he hopes a bipartisan agreement comes later tonight. Speaker Pelosi will be introducing the House Democratic bill, and hopes it will be compatible with the Senate version. Some issues for Democrats include stronger worker protections, weak buy-back restrictions, 2 year limit on executive compensation increase, airline loans, and more.

We are not done yet. Please send another message to urge Illinois Congressional leaders to pass a truly bipartisan small business relief plan.
Hundreds of Grocery/Retail Jobs Now Available - Share with Your Team Members

The IRA is working in collaboration with the Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA) and Illinois Food Retailers Association (IFRA) to share information on hundreds of temporary jobs at groceries and retailers throughout the state now available to meet public demand for food and supplies. 

Click here to view the list of job opportunities at Illinois retailers.

Please share the webpage with your team members and colleagues that are seeking temporary work due to COVID-19. 
Resources for Undocumented Communities

Immigrants are the backbone of the hospitality industry. The IRA and key stakeholders are working tirelessly to ensure that state and federal relief packages will ensure that employers can assist all of their team members - regardless of their immigration status.

Click here for a list of nationwide resources and organizations to assist undocumented communities.
Hospitality Support and Relief Efforts - Tell Us How You Can Help

The IRA has received countless inquiries from people and companies seeking to provide relief and support to business owners and employees impacted by COVID-19.

In an effort to track these initiatives and understand the scope of effort, we ask that you please use this form to submit more information, if you are one of these parties.

Thank you so much for your willingness to help our industry during this challenging time for all. You are greatly appreciated!
FAQ and Resources for COVID-19 - Visit the IRA Website

The IRA is adding hourly updates and COVID-19 resources, FAQs, government regulations, and more.

Please visit our website to find crucial information that you need for your business and employees.

As always, the IRA staff is available as a resource to you. Our team is 100% focused on helping Illinois' restaurants navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.
Please be sure to check our website for the latest coronavirus updates, and see the above resources and information for your business - updated as of 4:55 p.m. Sunday, March 22.