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5/12 /2016 

calling senior parents
All seniors will attend Ethics Day on Wed, May 18. Before they get on the busses, they are served a light breakfast in the LHS cafeteria. Many parents have already signed up to donate items to be served, but many slots remain to be filled -- donuts, bottles of water, bunches of bananas, etc. There's just not an easier way to contribute to our kids' senior year than to pick up a couple dozen donuts and drop them at school.

Won't you please help out? You can sign up here. For more information, or to make arrangements to donate, you can also contact Sally Hack,, or Anne Whipple,
 calling junior parents 
We need more volunteers! We can't put on a great prom without your help, so please click on the link here to sign up for Prom Volunteers. Jobs range from checking in students to photography. Please take a look and see how you can pitch in!
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don't steal the struggle 
Last week, I attended the standing-room-only Safe Community Coalition event featuring author Julie Lythcott-Haims, a former Dean of Freshmen at Stanford and the author of How to Raise an Adult. Like many of us, Ms. Lythcott-Haims bought her home in a prestigious school district and did all the "right" things as a parent to prepare her children for the "right" college.

Julie Lythcott-Haims
A few years into her tenure at Stanford, she began to notice continually increasing parent involvement in college students' everyday lives. She was sharing this with her family at dinner and, horrified, realized she was still cutting up her 10-year-old's meat.

Are we so afraid of parenting wrong that we overdo it to try to get it right? Ms. Lythcott-Haims evoked the visual of a perfectly manicured bonsai tree versus wildflowers, saying that children cannot and should not be shaped and pruned into what we want. They should bloom and flourish like wildflowers.

She suggests we ask ourselves, "Am I living what I believe is most important in parenting? Do I live it every day?" When we hear another parent has signed up their kid for a prep course, an activity, an AP class, it's very hard not to rush in and do the same. We want to create options for our children! But if we do it for them, they have no ownership in the process.

Recently, Ms. Lythcott-Haims's son was struggling with a heavy junior year course load, leaving him physically and mentally exhausted. After much discussion with her husband, they decided they had to get their son to a healthier place. She asked the son if he wanted to drop a class, and with a look of relief, he asked, "Can I?" Regardless of "what colleges want," she knew it would be best for her son to manage his work without being completely overwhelmed. Isn't that what parenting is all about?

We should be consultants, not managers. When she asked, "How many of you have ever been asked your GPA?" and less than 10 hands went up, she suggested we all stop checking SIS. Our kids' grades are not a reflection of us. We've already been to high school. During the discussion, a parent suggested we not "steal the struggle." Ms. Lythcott-Haims said that may just be the title of her next book.

She encourages parents to recognize character as much as we recognize grades or athletics, and she stressed the importance of chores and contributing to the home. Click here to see Ms. Lythcott-Haims's "A Different Kind of Checklist," a few examples of practical life skills kids need before they go to college and how parents unintentionally hinder them.

My takeaway . . . last Friday when it was pouring rain and I was in a "meeting" with a friend at a restaurant, I didn't cut my time short to go pick up the kids from school. If they didn't have that rain gear I had already reminded them of, the worst that would happen is that they would get wet. One got soaked, the other had remembered the umbrella, and I had a great Friday afternoon. Well, at least it's a start, right?

~ Terri Markwart, PTSA President
staff spotlight 
Susan Huebsch is a ninth grade math teacher here at Langley. She grew up in Pennsylvania, very close to Wilmington, DE. Her mother was a math teacher and her father was a middle school principal. She  has one sister, a writer for NPR's website.
After she completed high school, Ms. Huebsch attended Duke University, where she double-majored in computer science and mathematics. She then received her master's degree in computer science. She enjoyed geometry so much that after she had her two children she decided to go back to school to get her teaching license.
Ms. Huebsch is married and has two boys, a freshman and junior in high school. One of her favorite things to do is talk with family and friends, learning about them. "No matter how long you have known someone, there is always something else that will surprise you," says Ms. Huebsch. She also enjoys yoga, scrapbooking, playing word games and watching her sons play baseball.
She says, "I feel that my biggest accomplishment in life at this point is being part of a happy family and home and making a life for us while remembering to help others as well." Her best advice to students is "Pursue the opportunities you have in high school with as much energy as you can . . . and learn from the negative things that are bound to happen to you from time to time."
~ Jennifer Detwiler, Saxon Scope reporter
new student officers
Congratuations to all the kids who ran for office in their classes or for SGA. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there in an election. Presenting next year's officers:

SGA: President - Marina Smith; VPs - Olivia Augustini, Caroline Bugge; Treas - Matthew Cox; Sec - Sophie Holsinger; ICC Chair - Aya White

Class of 2017: Pres - Kaitlin Bonacci; VP - Andrew Craver; Sec - Noora Haghighi; Treas - Kylie Smith; SGA Reps - Madison Fletcher, Colin Dunne, Kareem Al-Attar

Class of 2018: Pres - George Lorenze; VP - Mallory Langpaul; Treas - Charlotte Fitzgerald; Sec - Emi Gardiner; SGA Reps - Warren Kahn, Raafay Jamil

Class of 2019: Pres - Reza Zaidi; VP - Kai Whipple; Treas - Erica Weiss; Sec - Kevin Halm; SGA Reps - Sonia Toloczko, Dan Ni

SAC Reps: Arnold Leigh, Andrew Farnsworth, Daniel Xu, Huan-Cheng (Thomas) Liu
our national merit scholars
The National Merit Scholarship Corp has named 44 FCPS students winners of $2,500 National Merit Scholarships. The students are part of a group of approximately 2,500 National Merit finalists. Each winner of this highly prestigious scholarship was evaluated on his or her academic record, including difficulty level of subjects studied and grades earned; scores from two standardized tests; contributions and leadership in school and community activities; an essay describing interests and goals; and a recommendation from a high school official.

Langley has two winners,
Tyler Larkworthy, who plans to study computer science, and Nikhil Sakhamuri, whose probable concentration is economics. Huge congratulations to them and their parents.
staff appreciation 
LHS cafeteria staff 

The PTSA has been busy acknowledging Langley's support staff and thanking them for all they do for the students. 
Thank you to Kathryn Hartman for coordinating these tokens of appreciation! The PTSA Teacher Appreciation lunch is tomorrow. 
for parents of rising 9th graders
If you're interested in being a Langley Class Parent for the class of 2020, email PTSA President-Elect Chrissie Lavin at Six class parents are needed to facilitate 3-4 class coffees per school year, organize an annual class dinner and help plan various class events. This four-year commitment is a wonderful way to stay involved throughout your child's time in high school.  
student services' office moves 
Student Services is being relocated to trailers 33-35 due to renovations. During the relocation process, counselors and other student services personnel might not be able to get back to you within the 24-hour time frame. Please have patience as we get settled in our new location. We welcome all students and parents to visit us in our new offices after   May 23.
another winner! 
Sammy Phan, Langley's Building Engineer, won four tickets to a recent Washington National's game, courtesy of Heather and Steve Baker. If you have tickets to a game or performance, or have other gift certificates you will not be using this spring or summer, please consider donating them to a raffle for a member of LHS staff.  
clinic needs a fridge
LHS has a brand-new beautiful health clinic in the brand-new main office. There's space for a refrigerator (useful for storing medications) and water hook-up for an ice maker. If you'll be parting with your refrigerator this summer, please let us know.  We're hoping to have a refrigerator donated rather than use renovation funds to purchase a new one. Due to space limitations, we're looking for a unit no larger than 36 inches. Please email PTSA President Terri Markwart at . 
haze program
LHS and the Family Network Committee will  offer HAZE: Perils of the College Drinking Culture on  Mon, May 16 for all senior students in the Au ditorium. The program, hosted by the Unified Prevention Coalition, includes the viewing of an award-winning powerful (and graphic) documentary, HAZE, followed by a panel discussion with lo cal experts and extensive Q & A. The panel discussion with the students after the film is critical so that key prevention messages about underage and binge drinking and related consequences are covered, as well as practical tips to help students handle situations they may encounter.

The students will be dismissed from their 1st block classes at 9:35 am for this MANDATORY program, scheduled to begin at approximately 9:45 am. Students will be released to their 3rd block classes (already in session) at 10:45 am.

The UPC and panel guests have agreed to remain for a 
second showing of the vid eo and a panel discussion for all parents of senior students, running from at 11 am to 12 noon.
don't be a party to teenage drinking
In related news, FCPS has designated May as "Parents Who Host, Lose the Most" month in support of a countywide initiative that aims to reduce underage drinking as prom and graduation seasons approach. This marks the tenth year county officials have joined in support of this education campaign with the Unified Prevention Coalition of Fairfax County (UPC). They aim to inform parents and other adults about the legal ramifications and health and safety risks of serving alcohol to teens. UPC and its high school Youth Council urge parents and county residents not to provide alcohol to teens and to report underage drinking parties by calling the police department's non-emergency number at 703-691-2131.
summer school
The summer program registration is open. Click here to register. Students who register for an FCPS online course must have the required resources and should complete the technology checklist available here before Fri, July 1
summer sports camps 
Volleyball Camp,   6/27-7/1,   Cooper Middle School 
Boys Basketball Camp,   7/11-15 and 7/18-22,   Cooper Middle School 
Girls Basketball Camp,   7/18-22,  Longfellow Middle School 
College Application Bootcamp,   8/1-3, 8-10 am,   Cooper Middle School 
AP Bootcamp,   8/25 , location TBA 
Math Bootcamps,   7/18-8/12,   location TBA  
Marching Band,   8/11-12   for student leaders; 8/15-19 for full band rehearsals
May 14
Relay for Life
May 18
Senior Ethics Day
May 21
Junior/Senior Prom
May 25
Evening principal's coffee / PTSA meeting, 7 pm
May 27 M&M field day
May 30 Memorial Day Holiday
May 31-June 13 Langley Leap
June 2
Junior class coffee
June 2-3
Choral show
June 7
Orchestra concert
June 10
Band concert

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