We are dedicated to serving families, teachers, and students by supporting at-home learning during the COVID-19 outbreak. In partnership with GaDOE, we are offering an instruction broadcast schedule on GPB-TV and online learning resources. Kids can still find their favorite shows on GPB's PBS KIDS 24/7 channel and at .
As we approach the end of the school year, we want your feedback on what you would like to receive from us during the summer months. Do you want us to continue a daily e-newsletter? Do you want fewer or more webinar offerings? Let us know!
We will be offering daily resources and activities to support your home learning plan. For more resources, go to .
Design and engineer rovers on the Moon, build a mission controller and guide a spaceship through the solar system, problem solve ways to grow vegetables on Mars- play these games and more to earn all your Space Scout badges along with characters from the PBS KIDS series, Ready Jet Go! 
On weekdays from 6 am to 6 pm, GPB TV has modified its programming schedule to support distance learning. All coinciding activities for the week can be found on .
Planning ahead? View next week's schedule here .
In GPB's latest episode of Things Explained, students learn about the purpose of PPE and its importance when treating sick patients.
In music, major and minor refer to keys, scales, intervals, and chords. They sometimes appear in the title of an overall work, or of a movement or section within a work.
In this video from DragonflyTV, Aaron and Justin, who spend lots of time outdoors surfing and bike riding, test which level of sunscreen best protects their skin from the harmful effects of the Sun’s rays. 
Not every topic warrants a “both sides” approach. Some viewpoints are simply not backed by empirical evidence or are based on false ideas. Journalists and anyone who work with facts have to be careful not to present them as legit debates.
This episode of Fast Forward takes students to Pine Mountain, GA to learn about Callaway Gardens and how it came to be. Students get a peek into the fields of zoology and entomology and learn more about butterflies than ever thought possible.
Join GPB’s education outreach team for an exploratory overview of our comprehensive visual arts content including online courses, career resources, lesson plans, plus engaging videos and strategies for implementation available to all Georgia students and teachers through our partnerships with Discovery Education and PBS LearningMedia.
Join GPB for a series of FUN and EDUCATIONAL online workshops for kids this summer, geared toward kids ages 4-8. Together, we’ll watch well-known PBS KIDS shows and participate in hands-on learning activities.
GPB Education has launched a robust website offering an abundance of PreK-12 digital learning resources and a new GPB-TV programming schedule to support at-home learning.
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