How landlords and property managers can recover from the impacts of COVID and reset their business

In this Tuesday, May 18th online meetup, Daniel Bornstein will strategize on how our community can bounce back from an era in which housing providers have been asked to bear the brunt of the economic fallout of the pandemic.

In our latest article, we offer some soliloquy on a bill that pounces on the Ellis Act and another proposal that aims to establish a vast rental registry so that the public can see just about every aspect of a landlord’s rental business. 

From the desk of Daniel Bornstein
Thanks to all of our clients and friends who have attended past webinars and now, with greater guidance and an influx of new information, we felt it was incumbent upon us to host another online event slated for May 18th. You can reserve your seat here

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that eviction moratoriums can be extended time and time and time again. Yet with the public health crisis taking a turn for the better, we remain cautiously optimistic that owners and property managers can soon return to the status quo of managing landlord-tenant relationships.

There is no doubt that these times have forever changed our lives and the way we do business, but it is our hope that the traditional tools we could avail in a pre-COVID world will once again be made accessible in the not-too-distant future. 

The courts remain dysfunctional to varying degrees and we might liken litigation to overeating - it may provide instant gratification, but like the body, an inundated court system might not be able to digest the deluge of cases that are sure to come. For this reason, we continue to urge diplomacy and explore creative solutions like tenant buyout agreements. 

In one sign we may be getting back to normal, there are more crackpot proposals being floated under the dome of the Capitol. We offer a counter narrative to a pair of ominous bills in our latest article

Thank you for your continued engagement, please remain safe, and certainly call upon us if you or your clients encounter any quandaries in your real estate business. 
Housing discrimination lawsuits are proliferating throughout the Bay Area

Not out of maliciousness or bad intent, but out of ignorance of the law, landlords and property managers are being inundated with demand letters and threats of litigation for summarily denying tenants with housing vouchers. Addressed in our recent webinar.
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Sometimes at the bottom of correspondence, you'll see something like, "we are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice." We are attorneys and can provide legal advice. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.
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