We are dedicated to serving families, teachers, and students by supporting at-home learning during the COVID-19 outbreak. In partnership with GaDOE, we are offering an instruction broadcast schedule on GPB-TV and online learning resources. Kids can still find their favorite shows on GPB's PBS KIDS 24/7 channel and at .
As we approach the end of the school year, we want your feedback on what you would like to receive from us during the summer months. Do you want us to continue a daily e-newsletter? Do you want fewer or more webinar offerings? Let us know!
We will be offering daily resources and activities to support your home learning plan. For more resources, go to .
Design and build a robot and travel through space with Jet and friends. Build new parts to help you get through obstacles as you go from Earth to the moon to Mars and beyond. Each planet has a new challenge for your robot. 
On weekdays from 6 am to 6 pm, GPB TV has modified its programming schedule to support distance learning. All coinciding activities for the week can be found on .
In GPB's latest episode of Things Explained, students learn about the purpose of PPE and its importance when treating sick patients.
Bring on the ants! Players send leafcutter ants and mushrooms—two important rainforest decomposers—into the leaf litter that is built-up on the forest floor, in this interactive game from PLUM LANDING. 
In this video, students look at this science career that studies the human body and teaches people exercise and other therapies to keep their bodies strong and healthy.
Explore the difference between tone and mood in this animated video through definitions and examples from poetry and prose. Discussion questions below help students to further apply their understanding before analyzing a text.
In this episode of Georgia Stories, historians discuss the events of the sensationalized Leo Frank case and the broader implications of the many social conflicts that prevailed during those times.
Join GPB’s education outreach team for an overview of our computer science digital content, including career explorations and computational thinking lesson plans, data science activities and tools available to all Georgia students and teachers.
GPB has partnered with Bright By Text, a free service for families with young children. Bright By Text sends free text messages with easy, practical tips and activities right to your cell phone. Content comes from trusted partners like PBS and Sesame Street.
GPB Education has launched a robust website offering an abundance of PreK-12 digital learning resources and a new GPB-TV programming schedule to support at-home learning.
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