Nassau County
Bar Association

May 22, 2020

Dear NCBA Members:

In late 2015, several young lawyers expressed concerns to me about the future of the Nassau County Bar Association, and its home at Domus. They were rightfully looking ahead, but they had very little knowledge about the rich past of the Association or its home at Domus. It saddened me that so much of our history was lost to today’s members, especially the newer ones.

At the time, I was serving as NCBA Secretary. With the approval of then-President Martha Krisel, a task force of young lawyers and NCBA staff was assembled and invested with the task of studying the chronology of the NCBA and presenting it to make it easily accessible to all members, as well as prospective members, of our Bar Association. Over the past six years, various members of this task force dedicated their time to learning and organizing the history of this Bar Association to present that wonderful history to members and the public. One of the best sources of information was the research and writing works of Jeffrey A. Kroessler and George A. Kaplan. 

After compiling decades of photographs, pieces of literature from past Bar leaders and members, and other special documents that have been preserved for generations, the hard work of the task force brought this vision to life. Among the many who contributed to this effort were lawyer members Sarika Kapoor and Jennifer Koo, as well as NCBA staff members Liz Post, Ann Burkowsky, Hector Herrera and Bridget Ryan.

The completed product of these efforts is entitled “A Toast to Domus: The Legacy of the Nassau County Bar Association.” It is with great pride that I unveil this incredible work to you.

Please click the image to the right to enjoy the book in digital form.
When Domus reopens to the public, and life at NCBA begins to normalize, we will create a large, hardcover version of the book and house it in a special place in Domus for all to see.

The history book was one of four history-focused initiatives I envisioned when I started as a member of the NCBA Executive Committee six years ago. The other three were as follows:

·       The Domus Ambassador program, which was created to introduce prospective members, new members, and law students to our building by providing tours of its interior. I asked Jamie Rosen to chair the program, and each September she has gathered volunteer members at the Barbecue at the Bar event to provide the tours.

·       The Welcome to Domus video, which resulted from the tremendous efforts of Jenn Koo and Hector Herrera. Featuring interviews with numerous NCBA Past Presidents discussing what the NCBA and Domus mean to them, it was unveiled at the 2018 Holiday Celebration and can be enjoyed online here .  

·       “London Calling: Our Destination CLE” trip to England on the Silver Anniversary of the NCBA’s previous pilgrimage to London, which had been spearheaded by NCBA Past Presidents Andy Simons and Joe Ryan. Among other things, it was my goal for us to see firsthand the Middle Temple Inn of Court, the fabulous structure that inspired the Great Hall of Domus. I am forever indebted to NAL Director Jen Groh and to Phil Nash for all of their work in making it happen.

I look back on my Presidency, even prior to the pandemic, with a great sense of pride and accomplishment. But it all came to fruition only due to the herculean efforts of so many dedicated NCBA members and staff. I owe so very much to all of you for helping me reach the goals I had set. You have my eternal gratitude.

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Rick Collins
Richard D. Collins
NCBA President