Senior Message from Principal Smith
Thursday, June 4 and Friday, June 5 are “Senior Check-out and Senior Packet Pick-up Days” : No more than 10 students will be allowed in the building at a time, be prepared to socially distance six feet from other students as you await your entrance into the building. Staff will be assigned to ensure protocols are followed.
  • Seniors, be prepared to pick-up and put on your official ”2020 Commemorative Tiger Mask” and walk your way through various check-out and pick-up stations.
  • At this time, you will return any library or course assigned books, pay fees and fines, pick up your graduation packets to include honor stoles, tassels, chords, awards, cap and gowns, and clean out any items you may have in your lockers. BRING TEXTBOOKS, LIBRARY BOOKS, UNIFORMS, LAPTOPS, AND ANY OTHER LC-ISSUED ITEMS WITH YOU. A CREDIT CARD OR CHECK FOR PAYMENT OF FEES IS ALSO REQUIRED.
  • The check-out will begin in the main building and will end in the Field House as you make your last trek across the Lewis and Clark Skywalk.
  • Your path will end in the Field House where you will pick up your Yearbook.
Your designated “Senior Check-out and Senior Packet Pick-up Days” times are as follows: A-K on Thursday, June 4 and L-Z on Friday, June 5 . You can look up your precise appointment time below:
Your Celebratory Path is just beginning!

On Sunday, June 7 from 8:00AM to 6:00PM , you and your family are invited to attend the 1st “Lewis and Clark Diploma Walk” at Hart Field. Specific times for your participation will be in the graduation packets you pick up June 4 and 5 and HERE .

Once again, all social distancing guidelines must be adhered to from your time of arrival to your time of departure. Note: only one vehicle per family will be allowed to enter and the graduate must be in the car with the family . Graduates must wear face masks - Remember that your Commemorative Class of 2020 Masks will be provided at the “Senior Check-Out and Senior Pick-Up Days” on June 4 and 5 at Lewis and Clark. If you do not have a car to decorate or to drive you that day, we will provide escort for you to the staging area; simply walk to Hart and enter on 37th Avenue as described above.

Families who wish to place signage on the fencing along the drive at Hart to celebrate their graduate may do so on Saturday. We ask that signs be no larger than standard poster board size and be limited to one per graduate.

Families are to arrive in their designated time slots entering Hart Field from 37th Avenue only. Family members must stay in the car and graduates will be instructed to stay in the car until directed to exit for the staging area. Only the graduate will be allowed to exit the vehicle and, again, can do so only when advised by staff. Due to social distancing rules, we are only allowed to have five people in the staging area at a time: the graduate, an administrator, a counselor, videographer, and photographer. Students will be allowed to remove their face masks to walk across the stage and claim their diplomas. Dorians will be on hand to snap a formal pic of each grad with their diploma – these pix will be available for later online purchase. Families will be able to pull up directly in front of the stage and cheer on their graduate while hearing their graduate’s name read, watching them walk across the stage, and having their pictures taken to become a certified Alumnus of Lewis and Clark High School Class of 2020. (The onsite videographer will use the footage taken that day to use in the “LCHS Virtual Graduation Ceremony” that will be broadcast on KSPS later in the month.) Vehicles will exit Hart Field at Manito Boulevard. We ask that you respect neighbors and assist in the flow of traffic through Hart Field by exiting the area immediately. 
We are so excited to be able to offer to you a horn-honking, family-cheering, car-decorated, (socially distant and mask-wearing) celebration of YOU! You are so deserving.
  1. Families enter off 37th Ave. at the track entrance (yellow arrows). Volunteers will be at entrance to greet families.
  2. Drive north towards the Field House. If necessary, cars can queue in the long driveway. Volunteers will be placed along the drive to keep traffic flowing.
  3. Graduate will exit the car at the green X for the diploma walk and Dorian’s pictures. See the zoomed in map for stations the graduate will move through.
  4. Parents will remain in car but will have unobstructed view for pictures.
  5. Families will exit west to Manito Blvd.- right turn required. (blue arrows).
Contact Info:
Marybeth Smith, Principal
Theresa Meyer, Assistant Principal
Phil High-Edward, Assistant Principal
Carole Baumgartner, Assistant Principal
Dave Hughes, Athletic Director