Bite-Size Blog #17

Five Big Reasons to Eat Only Plants

1. YOUR HEALTH. The best possible gift that you can give yourself is a lifetime of vibrant health and a real good chance of staying out of the old nursing home. It's never too late to change; I was 58 when I learned the truth about food.

2. YOUR FAMILY'S HEALTH. The health of your children, their children and all future generations that follow you. What you teach your children today about eating--will be gifts of vibrant health for the thousands of people who will follow you on this planet.
My oldest grandson Collin (with me)
at his 8th grade graduation last month

3. SUSTAINABILITY.  There is NOTHING more important than sustainability--and if we keep eating billions of animals and trillions of fish every year, our ecosystem is doomed. Switching to a plant-based diet is the single most powerful step we can take toward reversing climate change

4. CHILDREN. Our generation has created this mess and we must fix it. In just my lifetime (71 years) we have tripled our population and inflicted more damage on our fragile ecosystem than all previous generations of humans--COMBINED. It's just not fair to leave this mess to the children.

5. PEACE ON EARTH. Let's end the needless torture and slaughter of hundreds of billions of innocent animals so we can eat there flesh, drink their milk or eat their eggs. There's far too much violence in this world. Let's JUST SAY NO to killing animals. We don't need to eat them any more than they need to eat us.  

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