August 23, 2019
 Common myths about civil pro bono work, debunked!
Do you think about volunteering with VLB but always find a way to talk yourself out of it?

Let us show you how VLB works to make helping low-income clients both rewarding and efficient for our attorney volunteers.

Here are three of the most common myths about volunteering—debunked!
Myth:   I don’t have the time. 
Fact:  In just two hours spent volunteering at a Help Desk, you’d be surprised how much
you can do to help low-income clients resolve civil legal issues. 

Myth: I don’t know enough about (fill in the blank) law to help. 
Fact: Regardless of your specialty in private practice, you can volunteer to help with
family law, landlord/tenant conflicts, veterans’ needs, and more. You’ll have
access to a VLB staff attorney on site, relevant legal forms, and an Attorney
Playbook—a step-by-step guide for common legal issues at the Help Desk.

Myth: It’s impossible to know if the clients are truly low income.
Fact: VLB vets all potential clients for eligibility, so you’ll always know the person sitting
across from you is truly in need of pro bono assistance. 
If you have any questions about the volunteer opportunities we offer, please email volunteer coordinator Liz Quistorff . And sign up here for a Help Desk today! 
Civil Help Desk moves to Tuesdays and Thursdays starting in September
Starting September 10, the Civil Help Desk moves to Tuesdays and Thursdays
Beginning September 10, our Civil Help Desk will move from Monday and Thursday mornings to Tuesday and Thursday. The time and place are the same—9 a.m. to 12 p.m. (divided into volunteer shifts) at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

We hope the change will ease our volunteers’ transition into the hectic work week. Click here to sign up now. See you at Civil!
Thank you for volunteering!
Thanks to the volunteers who shared their time and expertise at recent VLB Help Desks:
John Morrison works with a client at the Civil Help Desk

  • Abby van Alstyne
  • Loring S. Jones
  • John Morrison
  • Honza Prchal (Heninger)
  • Donnie Winningham (Bressler)

  • Intake volunteer: Alexander Hurd

Leon Johnson volunteers at the Domestic Relations Help Desk

  • Keona Johnson
  • Leon Johnson
  • Susan McAllister
  • John Milledge
  • Ruth Robinson
Walter Williams works with clients at the Veterans Help Desk

  • Keith Anderson (Bradley)
  • Doug Friedman (Friedman Law Firm)
  • Hannah Kennedy (Wade Anderson)
  • Alston Ray (Butler Snow)
  • Matt Swerdlin
  • Walter Williams (UAHSF)

  • BSL volunteers: Pat Bishop and Heather McEathron
Psssst...we still have openings next week!
Donnie Winningham assists clients at the Civil Help Desk
Please consider  signing up  for an attorney volunteer slot next week. We have openings at the following Help Desks: 

  • Civil — 8/26 and 8/29
  • Domestic Relations — 8/28
  • Veterans — 8/28
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