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First Tee Fundamentals: Direction At Contact

What determines the direction of your ball flight? Quite simply, it is the direction of your club face at impact. The ball will always go in the direction the club face is pointed. While that's the simple explanation, the more complex one has to do with the factors involved that influence your club face direction at contact. Here are a few:

Grip - The way you place your hands can influence a left, right, or center-facing club at impact.

Stance - The direction of your feet and body play a large role.

Swing Path - An often overlooked factor, you will probably make subconscious corrections to your club face because of your swing path. For example, if you consistently swing with a path to the left of your target, you will tend to leave your club face pointed to the right to compensate. This produces the most common ball flight in golf (the slice.)

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The Science of Golf: Weather

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School of Golf:

Keeping it Square


Two months in and Kennedy Burton has taken the lead by one over Rachel Smith. Drew Gilbert, Collin Casey, and Kraigan Ward round out the top five.  There's lots of golf remaining, and you can still register to get started!

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First Tee Core Values: Stay Well For Life

What does Wellness mean? It means your Body is healthy and fit, your Mind is sharp and you have a positive attitude, you manage your emotions in appropriate ways, and you have a healthy social life with Respect for yourself and others (Heart). What can you do to keep your Body, Mind, and Heart in a state of Wellness?


  • Plan healthy meals and snacks.
  • Develop a daily fitness routine.
  • Protect your body from illness and injury utilizing things like vitamins and sunscreen.


  • Schedule time with Family and Friends each week.
  • Use past experience to set future goals.
  • Pay attention to how both negative and positive thoughts influence behaviors and emotions.


  • Choose Friends that encourage and support you.
  • Identify members of your "go-to team" to help with school, golf, etc.
  • Find ways to contribute to your community.
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