Evoque is a boutique communications firm that specializes in creating custom communications programs for water-related organizations. We focus on helping our clients effectively engage with their diverse audiences, giving them a voice within the communities they serve. 
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Dear colleague,
There's a famous quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery that says, "A goal without a plan is just a wish." Yet often times, what we see is this: an organization has a goal to reach X number of customers, but instead of taking the time to create a plan, they jump right into the tactics and end up falling short of their goals. In order to achieve our goals, it is paramount to always begin with a plan.

At Evoque, we specialize in developing strategic communications and marketing plans for water-related organizations. We start by meeting with our clients to understand their unique goals and obstacles, then work from there to develop a strategic framework (including the five key elements listed below) that fits our clients' budgets and timelines.

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Natalie J. Miller & Jessica H. Ouwerkerk
Evoque currently has the pleasure of working with Water Education Colorado (WEco) to develop a Communications Plan for Colorado's Statewide Water Education Action Plan (SWEAP). SWEAP strives to fulfill the Colorado Water Plan's education and outreach objectives while helping bridge the predicted 500,000 acre-foot water supply gap by 2050.

At the moment, we're working hard behind the scenes to develop strategies that will generate participation and support from key stakeholders statewide. In the coming months (and years), keep an eye out for local water education efforts aimed at building a more water-aware and engaged public - something critical to a sustainable water future!
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  1. Goals. What are you trying to accomplish? Think big picture!
  2. Objectives. What specific, measurable targets will enable you to demonstrate success?
  3. Target Audiences. With whom do you wish to communicate? (Hint: It can't be "everyone!")
  4. Strategies. What approach(es) will help you achieve your objectives? Consider approaches from different disciplines.
  5. Tactics. What specific actions will you take to achieve your objectives?

Hopefully this gets your creative juices flowing, but if you need a little bit more, we'd love the opportunity to chat with you about how we can can help you achieve your unique goals. Consultations are always free!
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