What's The Difference Between Root Canals & Dental Implants?

If you have an infected tooth, your dentist may give you two options: a root canal or a dental implant. Is one procedure better than the other? Which one will cost more? If you're torn between these two options, this quick guide will help!

 Move Aside, Turkey!
3 Sides That Steal The Show

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so we're giving you three healthy recipes that'll have your guests going back for seconds. Pick one or make all three for a colorful holiday spread: Honey-Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Apple Stuffing and Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese.

5 Foods That Naturally
Whiten & Brighten Teeth

Did you know that some foods naturally cleanse, brighten and protect your teeth? Certain nutrients can do wonders for your oral health. Try incorporating these 5 foods in your diet and eat your way to a whiter smile.

Your AZ State Tax Credit Supports Oral Health Initiatives
Did you know that we partner with nonprofits across the state to fight oral disease and increase access to dental care for underserved and uninsured Arizonans?

You can help spread smiles this holiday season by donating to Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation! Every penny you donate directly supports oral health programs throughout the state. Plus, when you give, you can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your state return. Watch the video below to learn more!

How Menopause Affects Women's Oral Health

Along with hot flashes and night sweats, you may experience a few other serious changes associated with menopause. Some of these changes affect your teeth and gums. Learn how menopause affects your oral health and how to protect your smile for years to come.

 Dentist Spotlight:
Dr. Tannaz Malekzadeh

This month, we’d like to introduce you to Delta Dental dentist Dr. Malekzadeh of Malek Periodontics in Glendale. She practices a full scope of periodontics, ranging from implants to cosmetic periodontal surgery.
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