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Claiming True You--your best, most authentic self--is simple, but not necessarily easy. There are so many forces conspiring to control and contort you for the benefit of others, it takes constant awareness and effort to operate from your true center.

You can make it easier, by surrounding yourself with tools and practices that support True You. In this edition of True You Journal you'll find 5 simple and free tools (plus a lagniappe!) to make it easier to claim your health, wealth and happiness.

Remember, True You is a journey, not a destination. By using the "moving in the direction of" principle [ Read the Blog], every step you take gets you a little closer to heart's desires.

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Essential Strategy #3: Mindful Organization

When insides don't match outsides, there is friction. Think of that friction as fueling the fire of burnout. Let's reduce the friction by making sure the way you use your space, time and actions reflects your best self and highest potential. Mindful organization goes beyond arbitrary neatness and efficiency. Mindful organization consciously leverages your space, time and tasks to launch you toward your idea of success with greater ease and joy. Mindful organization is strategic and purposeful, and very, very personal.

This is not a book on organization (although you should get one). This is a book about living your life according to your terms and priorities so you can enjoy a long, fruitful career. You're going to need to develop and maintain mindfulness in three pervasive dimensions: Space, Time and Tasks.
What does "mindful" mean? Living in alignment with your priorities requires you to put a keen "eyeball of awareness" on all you do,  what fills your space, and what you give your time to, with increasing demand that everything support, not undermine, your goals. Mindfulness can get brutal. Once you tune in, you will naturally favor that which supports your personal priorities and release that which does not.

Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained?
T his Quick Quiz will Tell You

Ever try 
writing with your "wrong" hand? Then you know what it  feels like to use 
your "wrong" brain. Find out if you are a linear/analytical thinker, a free-form creative, or some combination of both by taking the Creative Brain Test .
Why does it matter? Life gets easier when you embrace, rather than resist, True You.

Yes You Can Enjoy Healthy Food when Traveling or Socializing

You can't be your best self if you don't take care of the non-negotiables like nutrition.

Load this app to find healthy restaurants near you (wherever you are!), read recommended menu options, and check reviews so that you can have fun without sacrificing your nutrition!
Essential Oils Information
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Master your oils! Essential oils support True You at all levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, naturally! Get recipes, information, videos, DIY, fitness tips, home  uses and more  at  this blog .

Recent posts include: 20 Essential Oils under $20; 5 Essential Oils for Travel; Which Essential Oil Do You Need Today, and more. 
Learn Your Character Strengths. Live Your Potential.
Take the VIA Character Strengths Survey

The VIA Survey of Character Strengths is a simple self-assessment that takes less than 15 minutes and provides a wealth of information to help you understand your core characteristics. Most  personality tests focus on negative and neutral traits, but the VIA Survey focuses on your best qualities.

Leverage your strengths! Celebrate True You! 
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