September 2022

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Dear Linda,

I first heard this term on a morning show recently, have you heard about “quiet quitting”? The idea has gone viral on TikTok and refers to the idea of employees avoiding going above and beyond. Instead, they are doing just enough in the office to keep up, then leave work on time and post about it on social media.  

The rise in quiet quitting is linked to a fall in job satisfaction, it seems. 

Stemming from the pandemic, people’s relationship with work has shifted in many ways and has been studied in many ways as well. There was a sense of our own mortality during the pandemic and folks started asking themselves questions like, “What should work mean for me? And “ how can I find a job that is more aligned to my values?”

As opposed to the “great resignation” where there was an exodus of workers from their jobs, quiet quitters stay in place and switch off. 

It’s an interesting phenomenon, have you seen this in the workplace?

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5 Habits Millennials Need To Avoid

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Millennials are often viewed as a generation of self-centered, entitled, and demanding individuals. While that may be an overreaction to the truth, there are some things that millennials in the workforce should be mindful of today.

Stereotypes can be difficult to overcome, but it’s worth it for millennials to avoid these habits that are seen as typical for their generation:

1. Limiting Forms of Communication

Millennials mostly send content via text or email rather than engaging in a conversation by phone or in person. In the workforce, it should be understood that this mindset is not always seen in a positive light. Be open to a variety of communication forms and embrace a phone call over an email in order to showcase a little flexibility.

2. Talk Less and Listen More

Millennials tend to act overconfident and a little too into themselves. In an office setting, try to talk less and listen more. You’ll be seen as different, trainable, willing to learn, and perhaps less obnoxious. If you are amongst those with more experience, then listening more may help you learn more in the process.

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