Cathedral ceiling with Woodland arched trusses
Cathedral and Vaulted Ceiling Designs
In our last newsletter we introduced you to a few beam designs on flat ceilings. This month we're coming from a different angle -- how beams can enhance cathedral or vaulted ceilings. 

In bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more -- as you can see in these 5 projects, wherever there's a pitch, there's a perfect beam. 
Custom Timber trusses
Truss Transformation

While building decorative trusses with faux wood is exponentially easier than using real wood, trusses are still a big job. Which is why we get so excited to receive project photos like this one.

The homeowners needed something to fill the white expanse of their living room's cathedral ceiling. These beautiful and dramatic standard king trusses fit the bill.

The beams and trusses look great at our lake house! Big transformation to the space!
-- Raines

Created with:
Half-Vaulted Handsome

We love how the beams installed on this room's half vaulted ceiling complement the stonework of the fireplace and the wood cabinetry. Very handsome indeed.

I can't believe the difference that the wood beams made in my living room. It's a small room but the ceiling is vaulted to 14'. I was looking for a way to make the room warmer and add some interest to the bare ceiling. What a difference. I'm glad I went with the Faux Wood beams. --  Terry A.

Created with:
Half vaulted ceiling with Timber beams
Living room with Rough Hewn beam
Perfect Wood Blend

What's great about this project is the blending of real wood and faux wood elements.

Sally's living room has two wood-paneled accent walls at each end (complete with secret door). But the white of the shallow vaulted ceiling left the room looking somewhat unfinished. 

Adding a single beam to the ceiling -- in a color that almost exactly matched the walls -- tied the design all together. 

The product was exactly what we were looking for, was excellent quality and easy to install.
- Sally, Arizona

A Great Divide

Prospective buyers must have swooned with delight when they walked into this room. A single beam created the perfect divide between the kitchen and dining area.

WOW! Far exceeded my expectations. We just did an open house and literally no one could tell the beam is fake! 
-- Damon,  Walnut Creek, CA

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Kitchen with Custom Reclaimed beam
Bedroom with Raised Grain beams
Beam Lights, Sleep Tight

Some homeowners have made use of our beams' hollow interiors for various lighting schemes, and this is one of our favorites.

We love how the beams are installed -- suspended between the two sharp angles of the ceiling, rather than flush to the surface. This allows the light to shine upward and create a beautiful, soft glow.

I thought I would send a picture of the installed beams with indirect lighting inside the beam. We really like the product and the beams really finish the room. Thanks!
-- Jay, Wauwatosa, WI
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Vaulted ceiling with Custom Timber beams
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DIY Truss Designs
Testimonial of the Month

I could not be happier with how awesome these beams look on our vaulted ceiling! They look and feel like real wood, but at a a fraction of the weight. The look I wanted to achieve was done at a very affordable price without a single modification to the structure or trusses. THANKS!!!  --  Kevin

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