Home bar with infinity top
Imagination in Design
Every design begins with a concept, and the imagination behind that concept is the key ingredient for a truly successful project.

These 5 projects in particular demonstrate how FauxPanels can make creative design ideas become a reality, in an easy, budget-friendly way. What will YOU think of next?
Closet Cocktail Anyone?
Closet before
Cocktail closet after

This project puts any hotel minibar to shame. The homeowner converted a basement storage closet into a cocktail cache - a sweet little station any amateur mixologist would love.

Replacing the original door with an ornate iron gate and adding panels to the back wall, you would never guess this was once a utility closet.
Stove Top Style

There's always a struggle in kitchen design between utility and aesthetics, and this homeowner won the battle beautifully. 

In an ingenious move, Sherry topped off her stove with style by covering the range hood with a faux column.

This style of column is shipped in four separate, interconnecting pieces, allowing Sherry to easily assemble it around the hood like a jigsaw puzzle.

The column's color picks up on the blue-gray paint on the wall while its stacked stone texture provides a nice contrast against the smooth white tile of the backsplash.

Stove hood with Norwich Stacked Stone column
Garden bed with Random Rock
Oh, The Places You'll Grow!

Daisy is known for being a master creative planter -- using budget-friendly resources to create her beautiful garden.

This project was no exception. Daisy built a r aised garden bed with a wooden frame, finishing the exterior with our panels to achieve the look of real hand-laid stone.

Aside from their affordability, the panels' weatherproof material makes them ideal for outdoor projects.

Created with:
Where's the Bathroom?
Secret door closed
Ta Da!
Secret door open  

Erin converted her basement into an incredible home bar, its vintage d├ęcor reminiscent of a place where one might stop along Route 66 back in its heyday.

The bar alone is spectacular, but Erin really kicked this project into high gear by creating a hidden door to the bathroom.

The panels were the perfect choice for this design idea; providing the look of stone she wanted in a form that was lightweight enough to swing easily with the door. Their polyurethane material is also easy to cut, allowing Erin to create an almost invisible seam line.
Cool Rider

Gregg is a full-time RV'er who tricked out his rig to resemble a classic hunting lodge, complete with a rustic table, wooden storage compartments and a lot of antlers.

But Gregg needed one last thing before hitting the road -- panels to provide insulation and preserve the chill of the A/C. That's where we came in.

This summer in southern California the temperatures were in the triple digits - what a difference your Wellington panels made for us! I checked the temperature between the factory wall and the wall I installed the panels on and it was very noticeable. Awesome product.  -- Gregg

Another benefit of the panels that's particularly useful for mobile home design is their light weight. Real stone and brick would be highly impractical to use to create this look - think of the the gas costs alone!

Created with:
RV with Wellington Dry Stack
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DIY Entertainment Center Build
Testimonial of the Month

My sons have a turtle that lived in a plastic kiddie pool in our atrium. I decided one day that it was time to get something that looked a little nicer. The result was a do-it-myself indoor water feature. After lots of on-line research I decided to use faux panels for the rock wall. I had never used it before so I had concerns: Will it look real? Will the color be what I want? Can I do this myself? All answers are yes! I'm thrilled with the results. -- Montana D.

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