We are seeking input from Yoga for Life’s students in order to make decisions about returning to in person classes. We enjoyed several opportunities in May to meet for outdoor classes in Midwood Park and were delighted to learn that simultaneous virtual and in person practice is both fun and effective. Unfortunately, as warmer weather and increased public park usage occur this summer, outdoor venues will become increasingly unsuitable for our classes.

Yoga for Life will not finalize its plans until we have an opportunity to consider your preferences. But we're happy to share some preliminary thoughts. We will likely keep our current weekly online class schedule, initially offering one or two of the classes in person as well as virtually. Depending on the interest levels of students and the economics of leasing space on an ongoing basis, we hope to begin "hybrid" classes either after Independence Day or after Labor Day. Fully vaccinated students will likely NOT need to wear masks to class. Class location is not yet known, but the Plaza Midwood, Elizabeth and Myers Park neighborhoods are currently our primary search areas.

Your opinion is so very important at this pivotal time ... and the more of you we hear from, the better we can prepare. Please Click Here to begin a brief Yoga for Life Survey -- it will take less than 5 minutes. Your input will help us create the best possible experience for students going forward. Many thanks!