June Newsletter from Lovejoy Travel Agency
5 Ocho Rios Excursions
That Can't Be Missed
One of the main reasons people go to Jamaica is for the adventures in Ocho Rios. Home to the Dunn’s River Falls, people love exploring by taking an off-road safari, go deep sea fishing, or taking a chair lift through the dense jungle. This is a great way to see the beauty of the island. While I was in Jamaica, I asked my favorite Jamaican Tour Operator, Island Routes, what their 5 most popular Ocho Rios excursions are. Here you have it:
1. Dunn's River Catamaran Cruise

The Island Routes Catamaran is a party at sea with signature cocktails, music, and dance. The DJ spins a reggae soundtrack while you get to snorkel and take in the sea view. The Island Routes Catamaran continues on and makes a stop at Dunn’s River Falls where you form a human chain as you wind down the magnificent 600- foot waterfall, take photos, and enjoy the pure water in all it’s beauty.
2. Jamaica Bobsled, Sky Explore & Zipline

An absolute adrenaline rush, this excursion is 3 in 1. You start by taking the chair lift, named the Rainforest Sky Explore, 700 feet above the tree tops where you can get view of the jungle like no other. Then hop on the Jamaica Bobsled, a high-tech, custom-designed bobsled that lets you speed through forest on stainless steel rails with excitement and thrill. Finish off by Ziplining from tree-to-tree as you make your way back through the jungle.
3. Jungle River Tubing & Blue Hole

The White River Tubing is a wonderfully peaceful adventure through the jungle. Coasting down the river surrounded by arching bamboo, a Spanish Bridge, and past coconut plantations, you take in the sound of the birds and the white noise of the river. Every so often you come across some rapids for an exciting ride and some photo ops. Further down the river, you are taken to the stunning Blue Hole where you can climb along the cascades, jump off the rocks into the natural swimming pools, explore underwater caves and swing on the rope.
4. Dolphin Swim

Spend time with these gentle creatures while touching, dancing, singing and kissing a bottlenose dolphin. You get the opportunity to “ride” the dolphin belly-to-belly and learn about why these animals are so unique. In addition to the dolphins, you get to see a Shark Show, interact with colorful birds, exotic snakes, iguanas, and stingrays. Don’t leave without going down the 40 ft. water slide.
5. Wet & Wild Dune Buggy Adventure

Drive your own dune buggy through the Jamaican’s untouched wilderness, covering 980-acre of property. Don’t worry about getting muddy, it’s part of the trill as you go off roading through the jungle and laugh your way through the bumps and turns.