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WaterRemarks -- September 2023

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A Message From Watermark Founder Jon Picoult

Satisfied customers are loyal customers.

Customer expectations are higher than ever.

Great customer service is the key to building customer loyalty.

* * *

I suspect none of the above statements strike you as controversial... but what if I told you that all of these commonly-held business beliefs are just plain wrong?

That is indeed what I argue in this month's lead story -- and if you're striving to build loyalty with your customers, it's an article you'll definitely want to read.

Best regards,

Jon Picoult

Founder, Watermark Consulting

Author, From Impressed To Obsessed

5 Myths About Improving Customer Loyalty

Many businesses struggle to grow organically, and it’s often because they’ve fallen victim to common misconceptions about customer loyalty. As Jon Picoult describes in his latest Forbes column (republished here on his paywall-free blog), there are some fundamental (and surprising) truths about customer loyalty that all businesses should heed. [4 minute read]

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To Deliver A Great Customer Experience... Rethink Who Your Customer Is

Who's your customer? It might seem like a simple question, but it's often not. In this LinkedIn post, Jon highlights the importance of embracing a broad definition around the term "customer." [1 minute read]

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A Great Customer Experience Isn't "Omni-Channel" -- It's "Right-Channel"

Why "Omni-Channel" Isn't The Right Customer Experience Strategy

In today's digital-enabled world, who would dare suggest that an omni-channel customer experience isn't the right strategy? Jon Picoult, for one. As he explained in this episode of The Agile Brand podcast, the goal in customer experience design shouldn't be "omni-channel" as much as it should be "right-channel." [31 minute show]

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ICYMI: Breaking The News -- 4 Leadership Lessons From The Ouster Of CNN's CEO

How can a new leader drive change in an organization without alienating the workforce? As Jon describes in this article, lessons abound from the troubled tenure of CNN's Chris Licht.  [5 minute read]

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Calendar flipping

Last Month's Edition Of WaterRemarks

Did you miss out on last month's edition of WaterRemarks? No worries, here's a link to access the newsletter and its lead story: "The Worst 800-Line Phone Greeting... Ever!"

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"If you want to know how the Marriott lobby is doing, position yourself to watch it for an hour in the morning."

-- Martha Brooke, founder of Interaction Metrics, commenting on the best technique for gauging customer experience quality. It's an approach we wholeheartedly embrace here at Watermark: There's simply no substitute for going out into the wild and observing customers in their natural habitat.

Source: Los Angeles Times (Feb 23, 2020)

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