Don't get overwhelmed by life.....take the next best step. 



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People are frustrated because they cannot get organized or once they do get organized they cannot stay organized.  Aside from major life events, that can keep anyone from focusing on organizing, I find these main obstacles when working with my organizing clients. 

1. Not taking the next step. 
When you take off your shoes, do you put them in the closet?
When you bring in the mail, do you look through it and put things where they belong? 
When the kids unload their bookbag, do you deal with their papers?
When you get the clothes out of the dryer, do you fold them and put them away?
When you take off your robe, do you hang it up? 
When you get through with a tool, do you put it back? 
When you take a candy wrapper off the candy bar, do you put the wrapper in the trash can?  

Are you getting the picture?  We don't take the next step.  I know life gets busy and sometimes you don't have the time to take that next step, but you have to go back and finish the next step or it never gets taken. 

2.  Being unwilling to part with things.
Everyone thinks that as an organizer I come in and want to throw all your stuff away and make you live like a minimalist. Nothing could be further from the truth.  What I do want you to do is quit living with excess.  I challenge my clients to be honest about what they really need and value in their lives.  I have many clients who can visualize how they want their homes and offices to look and feel, but are unwilling to let go of stuff to attain that look and feel.  

3.  Being unwilling to do the hard work
Organizing is not easy.  It isn't fun when you look into a box or drawer and see a cacophony of items you have to do something with.  The hard work is when you get through that box or drawer and then have to deal with the next one and persevere through.  Many people want the benefits of being organized, but are unwilling to follow through the arduous process.....they give up too soon. 

4.  Not scheduling the time
This is a biggie.  You have to schedule time to deal with your clutter, pure and simple. You can schedule time to work as a family, you can schedule time to work on your own, you can schedule time to work with a friend, or you can schedule time to work with an organizer (I happen to know a very good one).  Schedule the time and don't break the appointment.  

5.  Bringing more stuff in
You can't get organized if you are constantly piling on to what you already have.  I know, that dress was a deal.  I know the yard sale had the best stuff, ever.  I know you saved a little money buying all that toilet paper in bulk.  I know, I know, I know.  I also know, when you keep bringing so much in you will just be adding more stuff if you are not subtracting as well.
Buy purposefully.  Know where the item is going to live. Know who is getting the item and when.  Know when you will use the item and for what purpose.  Don't buy on impulse.  

So, what are your obstacles to getting and staying organized.  I would love to hear! 



This is one of my favorite visuals.  It is one I am reminded of when I just feel so tired and don't feel like I can do one more thing.  It is my visual when I start using the words "I can't".  It is one of my visuals when I want to give up on a project I am working on.  It is one of my visuals when I have wanted to quit.  It is one of my visuals when I have had to work through something emotionally painful.  

Keep chipping matter what it is.  Breakthrough will come, but you don't want to miss it by giving up too soon.  
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