January Newsletter from Lovejoy Travel Agency
5 Reasons Why You Should Use
Lovejoy Travel Agency for Your Next Vacation
I have ran into many people who don't realize the perks to using a travel agent for their vacation. They tell me that they tend to just book what they know and figure it out once they get there. I feel bad because once they know what I do, they spew out question after question after question about things that have always been on their minds but they never had a professional to speak with about it. They don't know that they can get different room categories that better accommodate their family or additional perks that will make their stay more enjoyable. They don't know the culture of the area they are traveling to or that they're limiting themselves because they are afraid of locations that they no reason to be afraid of. I want to clarify a few key aspects about travel agents to make sure that you are in the know.
#1 It's FREE
Did you know that vendors pay me? Yep the resorts give me a kick back because my job makes their jobs easier. Now, this isn't just some resorts. Just about all resorts appreciate that travel agents know their product and place clients in the most ideal location. This is a win-win...-win for all of us. My clients are exactly where they need to be because, lets face it, we all have different tastes. If you pick a resort online and realize that it is not exactly like the photo shopped pictures you saw, you are going to be bummed and an unhappy client for the resort.
This is also a WIN for me because different resorts want my attention so they educate me on the best they have to offer. I am able to compare and contrast service and quality while factoring in what clients are expecting from their vacation.

This is also a win for YOU because you get FREE advice from a non-biased source that would rather you love your vacation than call me with complaints.
#2 Saves Time
An average American spends 10-20 HOURS researching flights, hotels and activities for their vacation. That is a job in itself. Matter of fact, that is my job. I have made an entire career out of researching YOUR vacation. I can tell you about locations, resorts and activities because that is what I know.
Now, if I had a wiring issue in my home, I would call a handyman to handle it quickly and correctly instead of trying to learn how to fix it myself. Why not do the same with your vacation? One of the most common commendations that I get from my clients is that "it was so easy selecting a great resort." They were confident that they picked a great location that's secure and incredibly fun and not second guess their decision or stick to the same-old trip they've done before.
#3 Details Matter

Details while on vacation are important and I often find that travelers don’t know what questions to ask. Knowing how long it will take you to get from your resort to your must-see excursion is essential when you are in another country. Being aware that it is rainy season during your preferred dates is important. Deciding which is the better room location in a resort is useful. If you are going to a destination to create memories, let’s make sure they are the memories you want to create. 
Lovejoy Travel Agency is here for you from the beginning process of planning your trip, to helping you with your packing list, to communicating with the ground staff while you are at the resort (who do you think sent those chocolates to your room?). I even help with flight delays and cancellations. Speaking of, when your flight is cancelled, it is cancelled for 100+ other people. You could go to the ticket counter for help and be one of 100+ that they are working with... or you can call your travel agent and be put at the top of my list.
#4 Personal Experience

Do you know how many people tell me they want my job? That if I need a travel companion they will make "the ultimate sacrifice" and do me a "great favor." That they will take photos and notes for me... for free if I would just let them tag along. Yes, I get it. It does look like play. I love that I have a job that I enjoy and allows me to travel the world, but there is so much behind-the-scenes work that goes on when I travel.
There are Destination Wedding Planners I have to meet with, General Manages to introduce myself to, hotel tours I have to go on where I see every-single-room category the resort has to offer. Quite frankly, my "job" is getting in the way of my "vacation." There are plenty of times where I go to a resort and they tease me by giving me an Ocean View or a Swim-Up Pool that I never get to play in, but that is not why I am there. I am there to learn the property inside and out. To gather tidbits and processes to make your vacation smoother. I meet people on the property so I have direct relationships that can help answer questions that aren't online or to make special requests just for you.

...and it is important for me to test out the restaurants to find out how amazing the food is. I mean, a girl has to eat, right?
#5 Your Questions Answered

I am a real human who is here to answer YOUR questions, however “silly” you think they are. I get a lot of clients who email me apologizing for the travel questions they are going to ask but want to take the opportunity to ask someone a real question that is on their mind.
Without naming names, I get people who tell me that they are uncomfortable fly over water, so they want to avoid that by flying somewhere like... the Dominican Republic. Yep, you know, on an island. I can't fault them if they haven't looked at a map lately, and I'm happy to answer odd requests and silly questions. Sometimes we don't know what we don't know. We are surrounded my misconceptions and I would rather have open communication and you ask questions than find yourself in a situation you were not anticipating.

Something to pay attention to when calling on a travel agent is seeking out what they specialize in. Lovejoy Travel Agency specializes in All-Inclusive Resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, cruises, European & South America destinations. Domestically, Lovejoy Travel Agency will take care of your Disney, Hawaii and Alaska needs but tend to stay away from other US destinations.