5 Reasons to Love Daily Dish Stews
from @MyGBGVLife.com
Madison from @MyGBGVLife.com has reviewed our new Daily Dish stews and we liked it so much, we thought we'd share it with you. Listed below are excerpts from her blog, please check out the complete review by visiting http://mygbgvlife.com/2017/09/14/daily-dish-stews
1. Daily Dish stews are like homemade meals for dogs! 
Everyone, including dogs, loves a homemade meal. Imagine a slow cooked, hearty, grain free stew, made from human grade ingredients for your dog! Everything is from and made here in the USA, and the stews are packed with the nutrition your furry friend needs!
2. Daily Dish stews are super healthy!
Some of the top items making Daily Dish stews so healthy are:
  • Prepared in small batches according to human food regulations
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Limited ingredient diet
  • Slow cooked at low temperatures
  • More savory gravy to help hydrate your dog
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.
3. Even the packaging is special!
Caru stews come in Tetra Pak ®  cartons. Mom knows from living in Europe they are much healthier for food storage, and more environmentally friendly! A few benefits of Tetra Pak® are: 
  • Protects freshness and taste without preservatives
  • BPA-free packaging
  • Made from up to 70% paper
  • Easy to open, serve, close, travel with and store. 
4. The transition is easy!
Switching your dog from their current food to the Caru Daily Dish stew is easy! The stew tastes so good, your dog won't even be interested in eating their usual kibble!  
5. Your dog will love it!  
Madison loves the stew and so far, the Turkey with Lamb Stew seems to be her very favorite.
To read the entire review or to see other reviews by Madison and @MyGBGVLife.com, please click the link http://mygbgvlife.com/2017/09/14/daily-dish-stews 
Help for those impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma
Hello, my name is Karu and I am the inspiration behind CARU Pet Food. I'm also our Chief Taste Testing Officer (CTTO).

This is a pic of me and my Dad last year in Hurricane Matthew. You can see that my Daddas looks a little funny. Ha ha ha. Normally Mummas dresses me up in silly costumes, this time, she dressed Daddas up. She even put plastic bags on his feet. He he he. I got to go au naturel in the storm and Mummas toweled me off really good when I came in, so I think I got the better end of the deal.

We weren't in the south this year when either Hurricane Harvey or Irma hit but we know lots of fur people and their peeps have been hugely impacted by the two devastating storms, so my Mom & Dad are donating some of my new Daily Dish stews to shelters in Texas and Florida.

If you want to donate, here are some suggestions of where you can donate:

Woofs & Tail Wags from Karu.  

CARU's Daily Dish Photo Contest
Enter CARU's September Daily Dish Photo Contest.  
Post a photo of your dog in the contest post on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page for your chance to win.
We will randomly pick 5 winners. The prize is a mixed 4 pack of Daily Dish stews (one of each flavor).

The Contest winner will be chosen on Monday, September 25, 2017.
We can't wait to see lots of pics of everyone's dogs.  
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