5 secret ingredients give ProVia's siding "superpowers" for durability and lasting good looks.
November 16, 2015
  5 Secrets of "Super" Siding

Our unique siding recipe contains many secret ingredients – but they're only secret because other brands don't have them. You, of course, are encouraged to share these with the world!

Here are 5 key points about our Super Polymer Formulation. Combined, they give ProVia's siding "superpowers" for durability and lasting good looks.

Share These Secrets With Your Customers

Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology
This is a precise formulation of heat resistant pigments that reflects heat away to reduce unsightly weathering. 

This is why ProVia's dark colors perform the best in the industry.
Weather Barrier Shield
Weather Barrier Shield is a combination of precisely formulated anti-weathering materials on the siding surface. 

This helps ensure long-lasting color consistency and freedom from maintenance.
SPX-2000 UV Blocker
SPX-2000 helps block the destructive effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Just like people use lip balm to keep their lips from becoming dry, cracked and chapped by the sun (or wind), SPX-2000 provides a similar protective measure.
Color Keeper Anti-Fade Protection
Here a mix of ingredients is engineered to build a strongly bonded molecular chain for superior color retention.

Combined with high-grade color retention materials, this creates a siding panel that maintains its color integrity for a very long time.
Impact Modifier
This acts as a “shock absorber” that helps resist damage from things like hail and other debris that can potentially hit the siding.

Our vinyl siding is rated high grade #1 - the highest impact resistance for the life of the siding.

So much science, I know! But Super Polymer Formulation is a big reason our siding stands out from the rest. To learn more visit our web page The Science of Siding.

Feel free to send me an email if I can help with any of this information.

Jerome Zenoby,
Heartland Siding and Heritage Stone
Brand Manager | ProVia |  Email | Website