5 Side Effects of Mask Mouth & How to Fix Them

Face masks are a good defense against the spread of COVID-19. They’re easy to find, come in fashion forward fabrics and help keep people safe when they need to meet with others. But face masks can also cause some pesky side effects, sometimes called “mask mouth.” Here are 5 side effects of mask mouth and how to fix them!

4 Hearty Soup Recipes to Boost Your Health

There's nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of soup on a chilly day. Soups are not only delicious and filling, but many have ingredients that can improve your immunity during cold and flu season. Try making one of these 4 soups at home!

Creative Ways to Get Kids to Brush and Floss

Getting kids to brush and floss doesn't have to feel like pulling teeth. Here are some ways to make the experience positive, creative and fun at every age. These simple tricks will help kids build the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles!

What is the Best Drink for Kids?

What do kiddos, plants and puppies have in common? They all need water to survive. So, it makes sense that making a healthy swap like a sparkling water for a soda is a good idea. But when kids beg for juice or soda it’s easy for parents or caregivers to give in if they don’t understand how important water is for overall health.

Fun Ways to Celebrate a Socially Distant Birthday

Socially distant birthdays have become the norm. But it's still important to make someone feel extra special on their big day! Whether it’s a huge gesture or a small show of appreciation, here are some thoughtful ways to make anyone smile on their birthday. 

Chef Alex Stratta Makes Vegetables the ‘Main Attraction’

The hospitality industry runs deep in chef Alex Stratta’s blood. Not only has his family worked in restaurants and hotels for decades, but he also began an award-winning career at a young age. Learn what inspires this James Beard award winner and his favorite family-friendly recipe!
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