Get ahead in your career and prepared for your next job search with these
  5 steps in developing your personal brand. 

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5 Steps to Developing Your Personal Brand

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In a cluttered market developing your own brand is key to getting you connected, building lasting relationships and helping you stand out and stay top of mind! Here are 5 steps you can take in developing your personal brand that can help you get ahead in your career or prepared for your next job search.
1.  Determine your area of expertise and promote it. What differentiates you, what value do you offer?
2.  Become a content creator and publisher. LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, podcasts all offer outlets for you to join the conversation and produce added value to your target audience. Just remember to create a schedule and be consistent.
3.  Optimize your social media. Don't just list your skills and focus area in the keywords sections. Take it a step further and tell your story through case studies, slideshare, videos and more!
4.  Public Speaking. People want to connect with thought leaders, and it offers you an opportunity to gain credibility in your field. If you're nervous start small and practice.
5.  Networking. It doesn't have to be boring. Look for meet-up groups, associations, conferences, and even online networking events. 

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