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Editor Esther Talbert, Broker CEO Yavapai Realty, LLC             Volume II- Issue 1 | Jan 2015


I hope you enjoy my first newsletter for 2015!

5 Steps to 

Making the Right Purchase

Back Side-Forward Approach



How do I do the smart thing and make a good decision?


Do you ever say to yourself, it seems overwhelming; where do I start?


Whether you are an InvestorConventionalor First time home buyer; Commercial purchaser; or looking for land; there are basic steps for defining your goals, needs, and wants, when it comes to purchasing real estate. By following these steps, and using your knowledge and clearly defined purpose, you will help avoid time-wasting worry about NOT making a good decision.


The smart thing to do is to ask yourself what your goals are? What do you need, and what do you want to accomplish? By having this focus you are able to move forward and foresee clearly the goals you have set, and thereby attain them.


But if you just say to yourself,  "I need to purchase a home, or business, or piece of land" and then proceed, not knowing yourself, or what you really want or need; you will set yourself up for defeat.


Let's get right into some basic steps to give you a firm footing on what it is you want to accomplish.

Back Side-forward approach ~ if you know the entire story you have a much better chance of making the right decision to begin with.

Step 1 ~ First, assess resources you have available to you to help in your purchase. For what can you qualify? While liquid cash, or taking from your other means of funds to obtain liquid cash, is important, there are other ways to accomplish what you will need to bring the entire event together. Concessions, loan programs that may assist you, up to date loan programs, some of which will really help you with out of pocket fees and costs can make qualifying for your purchase, a reality...

Step 2 Get clear on what you need to meet your goals. Define the areas, the size and age of the property you wish to purchase...

Step 3 Know your CURRENT MARKET!  Educate yourself on the current market of what is available and what things are selling for in your price range...


Step 4 ~ Find the right property for you and make an offer.  Sometimes this is not always as easy as it sounds but if you have educated yourself on where the market is, you will be a lot more at ease with your decision...


Step 5 ~ Look for next month's issue, "Streamlining your Escrow" which will feature an excellent Escrow Company on February 2015 "Trendy Monthly News."


Timing is everything and understanding the escrow process is important.  Your Realtor can guide you through the process.



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Signing off~ Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!  May all your dreams come true! 

Broker, CEO
Yavapai Realty
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