October 14, 2016 |

Seldom do we practice what to do "after bang" as much as we practice what to do before. Click to see the five things you must do if you're ever forced to pull the trigger.

U.S. Law Shield of Colorado Independent Program Attorney Doug Richards points out that  if a protection order is issued against you, a judge is going to say that you cannot possess a firearm or ammunition .   Click to see the details.  

Texas and U.S. Law Shield's series of Armed And Educated books are state-specific legal references, written in plain and understandable English, that contain critical information every gun owner should know. Click to see how you can give a gift to a relative or a friend in another state so they can be as Armed And Educated as you are. 

Statistics released by the FBI on October 3 show that almost 2 million firearms were sold last month, a record for the month of September. Click to see the eye-popping yearly total. 

Some Law Shield members may have seen Springfield Armory's Tactical Response Pistol (TRP) and wondered what's it like to shoot at the range. Click and wonder no more.  

For some time now, doctors, especially pediatricians, have been asking patients about the presence of guns in the household. Click to see why such a question may not be the best way to broach the subject of gun safety with young patients and their parents. 

Gun-control advocates and politicians regularly tout the need for gun sales background checks as a way to stem "increased gun violence" in America. Click to see why their arguments about background checks and the Virginia Tech shooter make no sense.  

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Schools across the country are beefing up security after another rash of threats on social media from accounts featuring creepy-looking clowns. This has prompted some Members to wonder what their self-defense options are if they're confronted by one of these pranksters. Click to see one attorney's advice.