JANUARY NEWS: Let's Focus on Sustainability
A Note From Our Founder :

With a new year comes a fresh start – an opportunity to set new financial and organizational goals. What’s better than starting with a clean slate? For next year, I encourage YOU, a change-making social impact leader to focus on financial sustainability.
Think about it from another perspective. Your benefactors are supporting your mission today, and in their eyes, to infinity and beyond. It’s vital to leverage every single dollar your organization brings in and become true stewards of the resources you already have. A monumental task? Yes, it is! Highly detail oriented? You better be! A long-term outlook? Time to adopt one! In the spirit of supporting your sustainability, here are 5 New Year’s resolutions for leaders of sustainable organizations:

  • Start Utilizing Financial Dashboards: We Use Them!
  • Multi-Year Budgeting is a Must
  • Understand the Nonprofit Starvation Cycle & Avoid It
  • Let Actionable Financial Data Lead Decision Making
  • Can You Say Operating Reserves Policy?

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Ever Wonder What Goes Into Those Changes?
As usual, at the end of 2018 the IRS revised the mileage reimbursement rates for business, charitable, and medical/moving miles driven. FULL ARTICLE HERE

The new rates are as follows for 2019:
  • Business: $0.58 per mile
  • Medical or moving: $0.20 per mile
  • Charitable: $0.14 per mile
This month, two of my most trusted sources of information shared essentially the same story: nonprofit organizations garner more donations when they are transparent. FULL ARTICLE HERE

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