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January 2018

5 Tips for selecting the right type of fencing for your commercial property or project
Specifying fencing may sound easy but there is more to this task than many people realize. Furthermore, there are plenty of ways to get things wrong and end up with fencing that does not meet requirements fully or is more costly than necessary, either initially or in the long term due to ongoing maintenance. The following tips will help you select the right type of fencing for the optimum balance between security, aesthetics and cost.


1. Understand why you need fencing

Broadly speaking there are three main reasons for fencing: security, aesthetics and boundary demarcation. In reality, it is often a combination of two of these so that, for example, the fencing provides the necessary level of security but with acceptable aesthetics. Elsewhere, it might be that boundary demarcation with high aesthetics is required, which might lead to a custom fence being specified.

2. If security is important, conduct a risk assessment
A risk assessment will identify the threats (example trespass, theft, vandalism and unauthorized access/exit) and the frequency with which a security breach is anticipated, enabling appropriate fencing types to be considered.

3. Select fencing to suit the security levels required

Vinyl fencing typically provide a relatively low level of security, while wood, aluminum and steel can offer higher security. Beware that although chain link may look secure, in fact it is quite easy to breach in most cases.


4. A fence is only as good as its installation

It would be a mistake to specify good quality fencing, then try to save money by having it installed cheaply. Properly installed fencing will last for many years with little or no maintenance; poorly installed fencing is likely to need ongoing maintenance that will soon cost far more than the additional cost of installation by specialists.

5. Do you really need the same everywhere?
The chance are there are some areas of the site that warrant fencing that provides higher security or a better aesthetic, but that does not mean it is necessary to install the same fencing everywhere. Considerable cost savings can be made by specifying different types of fencing for various areas, particularly for large sites or those where the threat level varies around the perimeter.

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Fence & Deck Connection was founded 27 years ago, bringing professional experience to the forefront and a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We have completed countless projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region in the commercial, industrial, government and security sectors, in all types of environments. We also offer aesthetically pleasing products that are both high in quality & affordability, keeping your bottom line in mind.

Fence & Deck Connection's integrated in-house fabrication of aluminum & vinyl products along with their extensive raw material inventory results in much improved productivity and availability compared to the competition. By having a vast finished goods inventory, Fence & Deck Connection is capable of delivering products faster than competitors who sublet the majority of their operations. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and ZERO complaints with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission for over 15 years. Our promise is simple: quality without compromise.

Over the years, Fence & Deck Connection has continually raised the bar across the board in the installation of high quality, innovative fencing and decking products. Our demonstrated commitment to upholding higher values translates into superior workmanship that goes far beyond merely meeting minimum industry standards.

Fence & Deck Connection has one of the best commercial warranties in the market. We offer a 3 Year Structural Warranty on all of our commercial contracts. We build with the intention of exceeding our clients' expectations for safety, quality, functionality, and aesthetics, and deliver finished products that stand the test of time.

We take pride in our knowledgeable staff who have a proven track record of excellence in our industry. Our long list of repeat and referral customers demonstrates our commitment to serving our clients. Our number one goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our approach is grounded in exceptional service: focusing on your specific goals and expectations... then exceeding them.

We specialize in the following services:
  • Commercial Railing & Balconies
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  • Multi-Use Pavilions & Structures
  • Walkway & Ramp Handrails
  • Dumpster & Utility Surrounds
  • Automatic, Manual & Slide Gates
  • Decks & Balcony Renovations
  • Dog Parks

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