Power Lines E-Newsletter
Issue #156, January 2018

5 Tips for Keeping Winter Bills Low

1. Turn your thermostat down a few degrees.
2. Use space heaters wisely.
3. Get rid of drafts by sealing leaks.
4. Switch to LED lights.
5. Weatherize your home.
Employees Raise $11K for United Way

The PUD's employees have once again shown their generous spirit during the Season of Giving. The group donated $11,113 to United Way of Columbia County.

The employees presented a check to Joy Boren and Kathye Beck of United Way of Columbia County.

Betsy Johnson Substation will use the same layout as our Fairgrounds Substation to reduce design costs and allow similar operations for our crew.
Board Adopts $38.8 Million Budget

The PUD Board of Directors unanimously approved a $38.8 million Operating and Capital Budget for 2018. The budget does not call for any rate increases in 2018. 
The budget includes $1.5 million for the construction of a new substation in Scappoose. The complete budget is available to view online.

Cut the Clutter with Paperless Billing

Cut the clutter coming into your mailbox each month. Switch to paperless billing today. 
You can sign up for paperless billing online or by calling Customer Accounts at (503) 397-0590.

Cut Your Costs & Increase Comfort with a Heat Pump Water Heater

You can cut your water heating costs by up to 60% with a heat pump water heater. 
We have rebates available of $300 and $500 for qualifying heat pump water heaters, depending on the model.
Contact our Energy Experts at (503) 366-5470 or experts@crpud.org to learn more.

Annual PUD Audit Underway

Each year an independent auditor reviews our accounting records. This audit ensures that we are conducting business in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and that controls are in place to safeguard the PUD's assets. As part of the audit, customer records and billing activity are reviewed.
If you have questions about how your bill is calculated, individual line items on your bill, your billing history, or your energy usage, please contact our Customer Accounts department at (503) 397-0590 or info@crpud.org.
If you feel that your bill was calculated incorrectly or that your account balance is not correct, please write to our auditors and describe the error. Please include a copy of your billing statement, if available.
Send your letters to:
Kenneth Kuhns & Co.
570 Liberty Street SE, Suite 210
Salem, OR 97301